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Xero and Expensify – a match made in paperless heaven

Posted 5 years ago in Platform by Sejal Doshi
Posted by Sejal Doshi
Expensify Add-on Partner

We are thrilled to announce Expensify’s integration with Xero.

The Expensify team have a simple goal – expense reports that don’t suck.

With Expensify you can quickly add cash expenses, automatically import all card transactions, capture mileage, time and other reimbursable/billable expenses. You can also code expenses to GL accounts, clients/projects, and custom fields.

Expensify has you covered on the road, too. With mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile you can track trips, mileage and time.

Xero and Expensify

Who is it for?
It’s a great tool for small businesses and accounting partners looking for a more advanced system. It lets you streamline the way employees or clients report expenses, how those expenses are approved, and then export that information into Xero.

How Xero and Expensify work together
The integration lets you transform your receipt-filled pockets into payables in Xero.
Approve expense claims in Expensify and send them to Xero with a single click. They flow through to your Xero accounting software seamlessly and turn into bills awaiting payment. No more messy importing or clunky exporting!

View a step-by-step guide to Xero and Expensify here, or check out the video below.

Where you can use Xero and Expensify
Expensify is available everywhere (pricing in US dollars). The integration is available for companies on Expensify’s Team and Corporate plans.

Check it out
For a free no-risk trial, check out Expensify for Xero today! No credit card needed.


Bob Harper
October 4, 2013 at 9.08 pm

Can you list the benefit of this system over using the Xero expense feature please?

Joseph Heenan
October 4, 2013 at 10.59 pm

I spent several minutes browsing the expensify website, and I still have no idea how much it costs. I have no idea why companies do this, but it seems very common to hide away the cost. (I’m certainly not going to sign up for a free trial and invest my time in learning their system without some idea of whether the eventual cost is viable or not!)

Sejal Doshi
October 5, 2013 at 9.28 am

@Bob – Expensify has many more advanced features such as the ability to customize policies and have multiple levels of approval. Xero’s expenses are great for a non-complex company, but if you need more advanced features, Expensify has it all. As a company grows or requires more segregation of duties Expensify can fill all the needs of that company.

Jim Shields
December 3, 2017 at 8.09 am

Been using Expensify for about 4 years – One of the most awesome time saving applications I have ever come across.
Just trying a trial version of Xero as it was recommended to me as they supposedly integrate well.
All that happens is that Xero appears to have trashed 4 years worth of expenses & completely fails to import any of the expenses.
I am assuming that this must be user error…. but Xero appears to have next to no help for integration and a generally obtuse and confusing User Interface and help system.
Completely frustrated at the moment.

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