City National Bank direct feeds are coming soon

City National BankFrom today, our US customers will be able to apply to receive their banking data directly from City National Bank into Xero. Xero has a number of direct relationships with financial institutions, particularly in New Zealand and Australia, and City National Bank will be the first US bank to offer direct feed support to Xero in this way.

Direct feeds offer greater certainty around the time of data arrival, can have richer transactional information and may provide a more consistent experience for customers who are experiencing duplicate or missing transactions with other banks.

City National Bank is a Top 50 US bank headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  Known across the US as ‘the bank to the stars’ they service a broad range of clients and have won several awards for their business banking services. We’re looking forward to working with the City National Bank team to build on this integration and to show our US customers the marvellous efficiencies that can happen when banks and accounting software work together hand-in-hand.

Once live, these feeds will replace any Yodlee feeds that you may have been using to receive your City National Bank current account data up to now. If you’re using one of these feeds, you should receive an email over the next couple of days with instructions on how to transition to the new feeds. Credit cards are not yet supported and will continue to be supplied via Yodlee. Applications will be processed over this month and the new feeds are scheduled to begin for the first time on November 5th.

Please see our help centre for more information on the new City National Bank direct feed.

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