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Tips and tricks for small business

We’ve been busy developing a brand new section on, called Small Business Guides. The content of the section is based on research we did in the small business community.

The research highlighted the fact that many small business owners don’t know what to expect from accounting software. Those that use desktop software often find it tedious and hard to use.

Small Business Guides on an iPhone and a laptop

Many small business owners are looking for accounting tips, and information on cloud computing. They also want to know what to expect from invoicing and bookkeeping software. Armed with some great nuggets of knowledge from the research, we’ve developed articles with tips, tricks and accounting advice for business.

The Small Business Guides will grow with your help

We’ve started off small, but our collection of articles will grow over time. We’re keen for your suggestions about next topics too, so don’t be shy!

Get social and share the love

If you think the articles might be useful for others in the small business community, then share them far and wide.

The Small Business Guide articles we have at the moment are:

Again, we’d also love to hear what you have to say about the guides. So if there’s a topic on small business you’d like us to write about, drop us a line in the comments below.

Check out the Small Business Guides


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25 September 2013 #

Great work team Xero.

26 September 2013 #

You guys create lots of great content – your communication is generally brilliant when it doesn’t feel too US, NZ or Oz focused. But it looks like it could be titled ‘Why choose Xero’ just as much as Small Business Guide.

An interesting comparator is from another (non competing) cloud service we use – Help Scout.

Help Scout have created a small business guide on their blog – based on management research that effects their small business customers, as opposed to things that directly make them look good. They cover pricing, leadership, customer service – all things that relate to Xero customers as well.

26 September 2013 #

Thank you for looking after small business!

26 September 2013 #

Great content guys. There is some great information I can use / point clients in the direction of.

Amy Stephens
27 September 2013 #

Hi Nigel, thanks for your comment and for taking the time to share the Help Scout resources. We intend to grow the Small Business Guides to include a range of topics, so this definitely includes the types of articles that you’ve mentioned. Watch this space and feel free to share any ideas for specific articles you’d like to see written.

Kirsten Barrie
1 October 2013 #

Looks great! I’ve already shared with clients, thank you for making this!

2 October 2013 #

awesome thanks Xero – will definitely be sharing this with clients

2 October 2013 #

Thanks Xero – the Invoice Payment Terms blog was particularly helpful and loved the Xero community section. It’s always interesting to see the views of other bookkeepers!

Broniec Associates
12 October 2013 #

Like many other technical businesses, accounts payable auditors can get so wrapped up in the exciting details that they forget to speak to clients on a level they understand. Your guides speak to people, and help them painlessly. Great job!

4 February 2014 #

Nice one Xero, will def share with my clients.

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