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Xerocon conference in London

Posted 5 years ago in Xero news by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

Most weeks at Xero are pretty big, but last week was particularly huge, as we announced a chain of significant UK milestones at our second Xerocon conference in London.

 Gary at Xerocon conference in London
  • 12 months after our inaugural Xerocon conference in London we welcomed almost 500 attendees. This included 22 Add-on Partners to a landmark two-day event staged at the historic 18th century Brewery in London.
  • We announced that we’d reached 30,000 paying UK customers, a straight doubling up from the 15,000 we announced the year before. We now have more than 1,200 UK accountants and bookkeepers as partners.
  • We published the results of a cloud adoption survey which showed that online accounting was quickly approaching a tipping point in the UK.
  • After Xerocon, we were covered in a number of mainstream press publications as the breakout challenger to Sage’s incumbency in the UK. In fact, a staggering £200 million has fallen from Sage’s market cap since our Xerocon conference in London, so impressed were members of the press and analyst community who attended a dedicated briefing on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday we opened our second office location in the UK, smack bang in the heart of central London.

It was fitting that all the fireworks we set off last week happened at Xerocon in London. It served as a great launchpad for our new physical presence in the city after establishing our initial UK operational base 30 minutes outside London in the highly functional but oddly-named Milton Keynes – just 18 short months ago.

As a city, London is remarkable for many, many things.

For starters it’s steeped in more than a thousand years of history. It’s awash with black cabs and bright red buses, renowned for its quaint tea drinking culture and world-leading creative and fashion industries, its variable weather and warm beer no matter the weather.

But until recently it’s been completely unremarkable when it comes to the industry of software. Almost every software business of any scale chooses to base their operations outside of London and instead having smaller, vanity offices inside the city.

The good news is that’s now changing with government backed initiatives like Tech City – a separate blog to follow in the future – but for us there are now two great reasons to open our second UK location in London right now.

  1. There are a bunch of accountants concentrated around here who are finally (according to our survey) switching on to cloud accounting. Therefore, basing a small crack team of accountant-facing Xeros in the city now makes sense.
  2. Over the last couple of years, London has started to play host to a fast growing hub of technology and software start-up businesses. So it’s also about time we paid our union dues to help grow that hub even more. Even if accounting software is way less sexy than your typical social-roboto-dating-auction app.

Rooftop Xerocon conference in London

So, if you find yourself around the Clerkenwell district (we’re literally a stone’s throw from Farringdon station) and fancy a chat or to just to grab a view of the London skyline from our roof terrace, give us a shout.

You’ll be very welcome.


Conrad Ford
October 1, 2013 at 3.10 am

Just down the road from us, we’ll definitely say hello! Congratulations on all the national press last week, it’s really great to see. Onwards and upwards, the future beckons!

Ben Caspersz
October 1, 2013 at 7.56 am

Welcome to London

We are neighbours… a wonderful part of town

Look forward to meeting you

Claremont crew

David Barton
October 1, 2013 at 4.21 pm

Way to go Gary

Robbie Dellow
October 2, 2013 at 7.51 am

Was interesting to read that Morgan Stanley attended your recent London analyst briefing and subsequently downgraded Sage. Nice vote of confidence to your strategic plan.

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