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Grow your practice through marketing: A global perspective

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In How to market accounting software to creatives we introduced our first industry marketing playbook designed to help you grow your practice and market Xero to the creative industry. Now we are going to take you further with the help of four case studies.

You’ve read through the playbook and your creative juices are flowing. You have clear objectives for growing your practice and you realise marketing will help you achieve those objectives. But you want to ensure a good return on your marketing investment, so before developing your marketing strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the size of your potential market?
  2. How much of that market do you want to sign on as customers in a specific timeframe (say three to six months)?

  3. What is your target cost to acquire each new customer?

  4. Multiply the number of new customers you’d like to acquire by their cost to acquire.

Now you have your ideal marketing budget. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend (your marketing budget) and having that money available to spend are two different things. That’s why we have the Xero Co-operative Advertising Fund for our Gold and Platinum partners.

The objectives of the fund are:

  • To promote the growth of new Xero subscriptions.

  • To advertise offers which support and complement Xero.

  • To promote and build the profile of both Xero and Xero Partners.

Earlier this year, we chose four Xero partners in our four main regions and asked them to each pick a particular industry to target and grow their customer base from. They set their objectives, decided how they would measure success and then developed their marketing plan. And through the Xero Co-operative Advertising Fund, Xero is providing up to the equivalent of NZ$10,000 to help implement their campaign.

Who’s doing what?

  • NWN Blue2 in the UK is giving current and potential creative clients a taste of the unXpected, a networking event with a difference.

  • Matrix on Board in Australia are producing a video case study featuring one of their long-standing not-for-profit clients and demonstrating the beneficial changes Matrix and Xero have made to their ability to service their community.

  • All Accounted For in New Zealand are helping to organise and sponsor a nationwide conference with one if their franchise clients where they will promote their services and the benefits of Xero to existing and potential franchisees.

  • Advisor in the US are producing a whiteboard video showcasing their seed and growth programs for start-ups and giving a glimpse into the Advisor experience and how Xero and other add-ons fit into their ecosystem.

Four case studies

Over the next couple of months, we will follow these partners and capture their progress, good and bad, in living case studies on our blog. We’re hoping this will inspire you to give marketing a go to grow your own practice.

If you’d like more information on Xero’s Co-operative Advertising Fund check out our Partner Guidelines or email


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