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API updates for easier integrations

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Tony Rule at Xerocon Developer Day in Sydney

As announced at the recent Xerocon Dev Day in Sydney, our latest API updates – v2.27 and v2.28, are stacked with improvements to make your integrations that little bit easier.

Credit note refunds via the API are now supported. This offers the opportunity for more advanced job management, ecommerce and retail integrations with Xero.

We’ve added quite a few additional elements on GET requests so you can access things like discount rates, batch payment details and tax rate component details.

Default payment terms are now accessible, both at an organisation-wide level and also for individual contacts. These defaults are only applied in the Xero app, but are useful if you want to retrieve the Xero defaults so you can offer these as options in your app too.

The Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports have been made more flexible so you can retrieve these using the standard layout rather than a user specified version, particularly useful for our growing range of reporting tool partners.

Expected and planned payments dates can now also be retrieved for individual invoices so cashflow management apps can put this data to great use.

The Payroll API has also been updated with a Settings endpoint to allow easier setup options when initially connecting to Xero.

If you missed our Dev Day event in Sydney, then you can get a summary from our event blog post and read a summary of the Xero API Roadmap discussed.

We’re dedicating a lot of time to make things even easier for existing developers using the Xero API so please keep voting to let us know what further improvements you need.



Alexander Kohl
September 12, 2013 at 2.23 pm

Perfect timing, we were just about to create a new work-around for refunding credit notes. This is much better!

Sophie Hossack
September 12, 2013 at 2.47 pm

Awesome – thank you! Especially love being able to access the default payment terms.

Chris @ Accounting Hub
September 12, 2013 at 5.17 pm

The Xero API is another great advantage to using Xero. It seems to be integrated with almost every piece of software small businesses are using now which is a real time saver!

Mike Block CPA
September 12, 2013 at 6.20 pm

This is absolutely terrific. It is terrific not only for what it does, but of because of the way that Xero keeps confirming that it will be giving users and developers increasingly expanded industry-standard RESTful API access to all our data. Equally important, nothing here or in the future roadmap will make any existing Xero developer programs stop working or cost more.

The contrary Intuit proprietary approach kept showing that major QuickBooks areas always would be neglected or off limits, so Intuit could have a monopoly stranglehold on payroll or anything else that it wished. Intuit also kept making major API changes, added very expensive charges and dropped key servers. This forced developers to pay far more and repeatedly rewrite programs to keep them working.

That is why the dean of QuickBooks developers recently wrote Demise of the Third Party QuickBooks Developers. It also is why QuickBooks recently lost 70% of the web pages referring to QuickBooks add-ons.

Even if Intuit reversed course immediately, it will never overcome the bitterness and financial damage that these QuickBooks policies did to developers and users. That is one of many reasons why I am writing my Intuit Deathwatch series.

Tina Kaye
September 13, 2013 at 6.55 pm

Very cool – I am looking forward to one of the add on providers creating a cash flow forecast based one expected dates! Thanks!

Rene Malingre
September 14, 2013 at 4.54 pm

Great move, much needed. Now, can the .Net wrapper please be updated to incorporate these changes?

Tony Rule
September 16, 2013 at 8.27 am

@Rene – I can see some great recent community contributions waiting to be reviewed (allocating credit notes to invoices – I think that might be just what you’re after) – We’ll do our best to review this promptly and get into the main build.

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