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Add-on reviews – Round 1 to MinuteDock

Since we launched the Add-on reviews feature in the Xero community, we have seen a sporting rivalry between some of our top Add-on partners, all of them vying for the title of having the most Add-on reviews.

So we put out the challenge – who could garner the most customer reviews in the first month?

Well, the clear winner is MinuteDock with 45 reviews so far.

Add-on reviews

MinuteDock have been a Xero Add-on partner for nearly 4 years now, and are a local Wellington based company. It is great to see that as the ecosystem expands globally, our long standing partners can still teach the new kids a few tricks!

What tricks are these? Well the MinuteDock team were able to put a neat little message into the MinuteDock application for all the users that they could see were actively using the Xero integration, inviting them to leave a review in the Xero community.

As I was reminded today, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and the MinuteDock have been rewarded handsomely for asking their customers for feedback – they clearly are big fans of this Add-on.

It is great to see the participation in the Xero community with well over 300 reviews submitted in the first month since launch. Don’t forget, if you use an Add-on, share your experience and help others find the right Add-on for them.


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Gayle Buchanan
18 September 2013 #

Impressive top 5, great work all of you, steered a client to the reviews again today – it’s a fantastic back up for us partners, certainly keeps us on our toes.

18 September 2013 #

Sweet – MinuteDock used our product Intercom to push that message out.

20 September 2013 #

This is a great initiative. I need to find some time to try Timely!

Ryan baker
24 September 2013 #

It was fun to watch the reviews coming in when the feedback system went live! We look forward to working more with the Xero community. :)

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