Workpapers adds features ahead of Xerocon

In the run-up to three Xerocons in Sydney, San Francisco and London – we’re thrilled to update Workpapers with the following enhancements and additions:

Custom workpapers – set a favourite workpaper

Workpapers created and added to a workpaper pack can be marked as a ‘favourite’ and re-used in other workpaper packs. The customized workpaper(s) can also be included in all new workpaper packs going forward if you choose to set this as a Practice favourite.

Bulk send of client queries

Tailoring client queries for a job makes sense in many cases, but some firms also want to be able to bulk send client queries to a group (say, all companies). Standard client queries can now be sent to a group of entities, making compliance communications even faster.

New workpapers – Wages Reconciliation and Job Notes

We always get requests for extra workpapers, and whilst we’re keen not to ‘bloat’ the product we are also happy to listen to our fellow practitioners. As a result, two new workpapers will be applied across all regions – Wages Reconciliation and Job Notes.

The latter is allowing for the collection of important job instructions, notes, observations, notes for next year etc. to be brought together in one place.

Management Letter and Compilation Agreement – export to Word

This update will allow improved editing capability for both of these important documents. The compilation agreement will now be editable at the client level as well.

Calculation sheets – PDF

The embedded calculation spreadsheets on each workpaper (if used) will now be able to be included in the exported workpaper pack PDF.

Journals – editable and auto-post to Xero

Journals will now be editable in Workpapers.

In addition, journals posted from Workpapers will be able to be automatically posted as ‘approved’ to Xero (rather than just in ‘draft’). This will be a significant process fast-track for some firms.

Less significant but useful enhancements include:

  • Document preview will be faster
  • Improved quality of uploaded practice logos
  • Additional users can be invited in to view an archived pack as read only.

If you have any questions about the latest update, please contact me at

Our next release (2.3) is due late September.


August 16, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Working papers is really coming on, When can we expect working papers rolled out to South Africa.

Richard Francis in reply to Michael
August 17, 2013 at 9:22 pm

Hi Michael – thanks. Looking at rolling Workpapers much more widely during 2014.

Mike Block CPA
August 19, 2013 at 3:04 pm

What is their in Workpapers that would make you delay roll outs in different areas. I would like it now for the U.S.

Richard Francis in reply to Mike Block CPA
August 20, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Hi Mike. Having built NZ, Australia and now part-way through a UK build of Workpapers, I can assure you that we look to ensure that the particular Workpaper set that is relevant to each country (incl Tax, Payroll, Sales Tax, Director/SH and other differences) is fully identified and incorporated effectively. This generally will result in country-specific workpapers and changes to others that then need to be shared with beta-groups of firms and iterated on. It all takes time, plus we’re beefing up functionality at each release point too, but we’re happy that progress made since open release in Australasia in April will see us roll out our third key territory version (UK) soon. The US is definitely high on our roadmap also.

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