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New Zealand wiki makes small business data accessible

Posted 5 years ago in Tech by Amanda Armstrong

We’re chuffed that Xero is the first business backing Wiki New Zealand. This site is a new initiative to make data about New Zealand accessible and easy to understand. The New Zealand wiki features a small business section. This will be populated in coming months with charts that will help us all understand the New Zealand business environment and economic challenges.

Wiki New Zealand’s small business section

New Zealand wiki pie chart showing New Zealand enterprises by firm size, for February 2012

Wiki New Zealand is all about collaboration

While the Wiki New Zealand team are the ones getting this rolling, it is a wiki. So there’s opportunity for anyone to have ideas or put together a chart and submit it to the site. With that support, the potential for this site to be the key one-stop-shop for easy-to-understand data is huge.

Wiki New Zealand is a non-profit charity who aim to “make it normal to know your country”. They have a strong eight-member board and were founded in July last year by young ICT superstar Lillian Grace.

As she describes, it’s about connecting people and organisations to information in a way the public will understand and respond to.

Share your ideas and information

Share your thoughts and ideas through Wiki New Zealand, whether it’s about the small business sector or broader New Zealand.



July 23, 2013 at 12.06 pm

Would love to see some stats on property ownership i.e the proportion owned by residential property owners of one home, foreign investors, NZ investors, foreign residents, government etc. Mainly because I have been thinking that one of the major ways that NZ could help first home buyers is put restrictions on foreign ownership. In India if you are not a citizen you can buy a house or even build one on some land but you can’t own the land, you have to lease it from the government.

Lillian Grace
July 23, 2013 at 5.58 pm

Hi Alison – property data is proving to be one of the most popular requests, yet the hardest set to get our hands on unfortunately. But I will keep trying!

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