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Xero school for mobile developers will rock!

Logo of Xero school for mobile developers

Mobile is the next big wave, already rocking small businesses. And we want to go much faster. We just aren’t seeing enough mobile developers coming through so we asked ourselves: how do we help people who can code, and want to work in mobile, but can’t demonstrate experience or point to apps they’ve built?

So we’re setting up a night school in our Wellington office with the team at App School to help developers who want to transition to mobile development but don’t know how.

The programme is yet to be finalised, but would be over four weeks, it would expose you to mobile development SDKs and give you some practical commercial instruction in developing for mobile. By the end of the course you’ll be able to apply your development skills to designing, building, compiling and deploying mobile applications. And of course we’ll offer our rock star students places in our band.

We’re looking at Apple and/or Android courses to begin with, but it will depend on the interests of people who want to move into mobile development. If you want to give your development career a boost with some new skills and career prospects – please complete the registration of interest form.

Based on feedback we’ll determine if, when and how we’ll run the course. There is no commitment if you register your interest – but you’ll be the first to know when the course is offered. Entry is likely to be limited and we won’t offer places to everyone, though if you’ve looked at a mobile dev career with wistfulness – this is your chance to break in.

Good luck!



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4 July 2013 #

Please let me know if you run this course.


5 July 2013 #

I am interested to hear more… Cheers

5 July 2013 #

Great, but when can the basic accounting needs that customers are requesting get addressed as well…………

Victoria Mudraya
6 July 2013 #

Great idea! Will you also make online translation? would be great if the course would be avaliable not just locally

7 July 2013 #

Will you be teaching them how to write a Xero Personal mobile app?

Matt Vickers
8 July 2013 #

@Nathan – News on that soon, all going well.

9 July 2013 #

Great there will possibly be some interest from Auckland – Is there consideration for an online training strategy to cover broader parts of NZ?

9 July 2013 #


16 July 2013 #

Submitted interest. Has there been any announcements yet regarding this?

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