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Xero Personal for iPhone

It’s here! Today we have released Xero Personal for iPhone, a completely new free mobile app for subscribers of our Xero Personal product. It’s available for download in the App Store. Xero Personal is the easiest way to keep track of your personal spending habits and savings goals.

Find out more about Xero Personal

Xero Personal for iPhone gives you a picture of your finances on the go. It allows you to see at a glance your progress against your spending and savings goals. You can set up categorisation rules for new transactions, and see transactions across all of your bank accounts, whether you bank with one bank or four.

If you set up automated bank feeds, depending on the bank, you should receive new data overnight. Soon you will begin receiving notifications when you have new transactions to match in Xero Personal. There have been a few reliability issues with our feeds within Xero Personal of late, but we’ve recently improved some aspects of our integration with Yodlee, so you should find that feeds are working better. If you do have problems with a particular bank, please let our customer care team know.

We regret that Xero Personal for iPhone is not currently available for BNZ Money Map users.

Developing Xero Personal for Native

Xero Personal for iPhone signals a change in our mobile development strategy, discussed earlier this year in Making Mobile Work. New versions of Xero Touch for our business product are in active development for iOS and Android and aren’t too far away. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.

We’re hiring mobile developers

We’re looking for great mobile developers, and we’re particularly interested in talking to developers with Android development skills. Who knows, you could help bring Xero Personal to Android. We’re keen to talk to Auckland-based developers too. So if you’ve got game, get in touch.

Check out jobs on our Careers page

If you want to do mobile development but don’t have experience, you might want to look at our Xero School of Mobile. We’re considering running a course to transition established commercial software developers to a native mobile development career.

Lots to do, and lots of opportunities for the right people. Fun times!


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15 July 2013 #

Downloaded and gave a quick whirl. Seems very nice.
One thing missing though, that I was hoping would arrive with the mobile app, is entering and tracking cash transactions.

15 July 2013 #

Yes! This is a much needed addition to Xero Personal and I’m going to be a heavy user. The interface is very nice.
As Nathan said you must add a way to enter cash transactions as it’s a major sticking point with Personal currently; it’s just too hard to remember and enter all manual transactions later on a computer.

15 July 2013 #

Oh shame it’s only an iphone app. Congrats though..
So is an android one on the map? And how long till then?

Matt Vickers
15 July 2013 #

Hi @Louise, no plans for an Android version yet. However, if you could encourage any Android developers you know to apply for a role at Xero, it would have a much better chance of happening than it currently does.

Matt Renner
15 July 2013 #

Is there a timeline for BNZ (money map) customers being able to use this? I will change banks if I have to!

Anton Gerner
15 July 2013 #

Massive #win!!
Even better that the Xero App.

Robert Andrews
16 July 2013 #

This would be so nice, if bank feeds worked.

16 July 2013 #

Disappointed that there is no android version. It’s hard being non-apple but a Xero supporter at the same time.

16 July 2013 #

Echo Matt Renner’s comments that this needs to be available for BNZ Moneymap users as well…

16 July 2013 #

Pretty happy that development on the personal side is not being ignored.

This is something we’re pushing to our financial planning clients, but unfortunately the bank feeds issues are a major sticking point. Especially for our staff who are trying to familiarise themselves with it.

16 July 2013 #

Would really like to be able to link bank transactions to receipts – so tax time is made easier.

Would like the ability to:
1) photograph a receipt – have the image stored somewhere with the ability to match with the transaction once it arrives from the bank. I will enter the amount in $ – or could use one of the receipt programs
2) Link the bank transaction to the receipt (just a hyperlink is fine) – currently not possible. Would be really great if was automatic and only required review check
3) ability to build a report of all receipts by category / Label combinations – simply a list with the urls to the receipts would be fine with me.

Just spent about 40 hrs working out property claim expenses and ensuring I have all receipts required – took ages – and i already photograph the receipts into Shoeboxed – but there is no way to link to them from the bank line in Xero (so I can easily tell what I have / do not have)…

Robert Andrews
17 July 2013 #

How can I get an up-to-date picture of transactions in the iOS app when I can only refresh the bank feed on the web side? Even on the web side, bank feeds are not refreshed automatically – it always requires me clicking “Refresh”.

Matt Vickers
17 July 2013 #

Hi @Robert – agree that that’s a current limitation. We are reliant on Yodlee being able to retrieve data on your behalf overnight. When multi-factor authentication is involved, it is sometimes not possible for Yodlee to do this. We may look at supporting the refresh functionality on the mobile device in a future release.

Joseph Serrone
22 July 2013 #

This is a great app for some of our clients that want us to take over their personal accounting. One suggestion for this app as well as the Xero personal is to provide unlimited customized categories for the users as well as creating more detail reports similar to the commercial side like cash flow projections, variances between budgeted and actuals etc…

I look forward for the release of the Ipad version!

22 July 2013 #


Are you guys developing it all in house or did you bring someone in to build your apps/interface?

Matt Vickers
23 July 2013 #

Hi @Adam, it was designed in-house and we got some help from the smart folks at Cactuslab who completed the first phase of development while we were still looking for the first iOS developers to join Xero. However, once we established an iOS team within Xero the final development and testing was completed in-house.

26 July 2013 #

For those of you wanting to be able to track cash transactions, couldn’t you set up a bank account without bank feeds for cash use?

19 August 2013 #

Am trying to weigh up whether it is best therefore to go with BNZ moneymap which doesn’t offer the mobile app or to sign up with Xero Personal which does offer the app (but no automatically downloading of bank statements as I understand it). Which would you suggest? Is the Moneymap mobile app on the horizon or will this be a long way off? Thanks in advance for answering as I couldn’t find anywhere to email Xero on the Xero website.

28 August 2013 #

Hi @Matt Vickers, the app is a great step forward. Is there an iPad app as well in the works? If so, will it contain more features?

28 August 2013 #

I am very disappointed to hear that Xero Personal is being shut down. Such a great tool for personal finances and i thought a good marekting tool for Xero to get knowledge of their product out to a wide audience. The app’s were fantastic. Please don’t shut down Xero personal!

Matt Vickers
28 August 2013 #

Hi @Dane & @Gina, as @Jon alludes to, there are no plans to further develop Xero Personal, and that includes iPad or BNZ Moneymap versions.

More information about the future of Xero Personal is available here:

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