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WorkflowMax releases time-tracking Adobe Extension

If you have creative, advertising, or web design agencies in your client portfolio, then you have a great opportunity to add value to their businesses.

Today, WorkflowMax announced the release of the Adobe WorkflowMax time-tracking extension –  an easy to use, flexible time-tracker that plugs directly into design software like Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign that your creative clients use the most.

Not only does this make time-tracking easy, fun and creative, but it also leads to much more accurate invoicing and increased data visibility across day-to-day operations providing an opportunity for accountants to add more value to business processes.

Check out this short 50-second video below for a quick overview of the Adobe Extension. Alternatively, you can email your clients to visit the Adobe WorkflowMax Time-Tracking site for more information.

WorkflowMax is a leading all-in-one job management software that makes it easy to capture leads, create quotes, manage jobs, track time, create purchase orders and invoices, owned by Xero. The company’s seamless integration with Xero means all invoices created in WorkflowMax are seamlessly pushed into Xero. This provides a total business solution for creative agencies, professional services (Architects, Bookkeepers, Legal, and Engineering firms) and IT services companies.



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Simon Powell
2 July 2013 #

Am I right in thinking this is only compatible with CS6 applications so far? I am on the Creative Cloud (CC)apps now.



Chirag Ahuja
3 July 2013 #

Hi Simon,

Adobe WorkflowMax Extension works with Creative Cloud apps too. Please do give it a go by downloading it from


Justin Ward
13 July 2013 #

Hi Guys,
Is there a timeline for proposed updates to the WorkflowMax or is there an ability to vote for updates as there is on the Xero Community Site?

Chirag Ahuja
15 July 2013 #

Hi Justin,

The entire dev team is working very hard to release new WfM User Interface later this year. Its hard to give a specific date at this stage, but its likely to be around October. Its going to be a sea change, and we can’t wait for it either :-)


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