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Rate your Add-ons

Last week we released a new feature in the Xero community: Add-on reviews.

As the variety of Add-ons that integrate with Xero grows, customers and partners are asking for more information to help decide those that work best for them. In fact one of our most common requests from partners was helping them in the discovery of quality add-ons.

Add-on reviews is the first piece of this project and it marks an important step in the Add-on journey. It strengthens the community connections between Xero customers, partners and Add-on providers, letting everyone have their say on how well Add-ons work with Xero.

Add-on Reviews

In just the first week, we have seen some fantastic participation with over 150 reviews submitted, and some healthy competition between Add-on partners on who can get the most customers reviewing:

So if you use an Add-on, we would love you to add your review. It helps others find the best Add-on for their business, and makes sure the cream rises to the top.

You can now read reviews from the Add-on directory

Speaking of the Add-on directory, we have lots more work to do based on your feedback. The ability to more easily find add-ons through search and additional categorization (by industry etc) is coming through loud and clear. So are requests for additional info on each Add-on on If you have any ideas, leave a comment below.


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Steve Shepherd
30 July 2013 #

This is a great development.
Are you doing this with WorkflowMax addons as well?

Ronan Quirke
30 July 2013 #

@Steve no plans to do so for WorkflowMax Add-ons for now. You will find quite a lot of them in the Add-on reviews site though, quite a bit of crossover.

Joseph Serrone
31 July 2013 #

This is a great feature that will help identify the best add-ons by members of the Xero community.

Fantastic news about additional info on each Add-on.

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