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Go fast, go global – Developer Day Sydney

We know from our own experiences, that moving from a local to a global stage is not without it’s challenges. This is why the focus of Developer Day at this year’s Xerocon Australia at the end of August is all about growing globally.

Our customer base has been growing dramatically in Australia, and it’s great to see Australian Add-on partners leveraging that growth. And given the Xero API opens up your products to Xero customers anywhere in the world, it makes sense to also go after the global market.

Small businesses in Xero markets
Map of the world showing the number of small businesses in Xero markets

Selling overseas is already a trait of our most successful Australian Add-on partners: the top 5 have an average of 45% of their customers based overseas. Not just across the Tasman either – USA & UK figure strongly in these numbers.

Xero has country teams in key markets building the ecosystem on the ground. This makes it a clear leader for small business software developers that want to kill two birds with one stone, building both an accounting integration feature and a new sales channel.

In addition to our key markets, we are seeing Add-ons being used by Xero customers in over 100 countries around the world.

On Wednesday 28 August, we will be ramping up the API and Developer content of Xerocon to a full day. You will be able to share experiences, network with peers and hear from people who have done all kinds of things with the Xero API.

Listen to expert speakers at the Xerocon Developer Day

We’ve got some expert speakers from other organisations, such as:

Find out more and register for the Xerocon Sydney 2013 Developer Day

Look forward to seeing you there.


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Joseph Serrone
23 July 2013 #

I am really happy to see that the US market is becoming more and more prominent for Xero. Many businesses in our country use QuickBooks as their preferred platform, which our practice is quickly moving away from. I would love to see more events in the U.S. I operate an accounting practice in Charlotte NC and this market is almost completely dominated by QuickBooks, a change is needed and I believe Xero can provide that change!

Minto Grewal
23 July 2013 #

I absolutely agree and Canadian market is the same we look forward for Canadian Edition or Xero should offer US edition by default to Canadain customers as much of the functionality and reporting is same in North America Market.
Example Check printing and 1099 report ( Canadian T5018) already build in US edition.

Ronan Quirke
23 July 2013 #

@Joseph we already have a great ecosystem of developers in the US and we are looking forward to catching up with them at Xerocon San Francisco also:

@Minto I think we would be wary of offering something by default without giving our Canadian customers the due diligence on it they deserve, even if it does take a bit longer. Have you made sure to vote on threads like these in the community?

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