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Online accounting war stories

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Chris Ridd
Posted by Chris Ridd

Our Australian roadshow in May, ‘Your Practice on Xero’, was a real buzz, with a great family feeling amongst our partners. Gold Partners were more than willing to share their war stories and lessons learned with the 1,800 attendees, demonstrating the incredible community that exists around Xero’s cloud accounting community.

Sharing war stories and lessons learned at Xero’s Australian roadshows

We travelled to five cities in five days and split the content into separate streams for accountants and bookkeepers, tailoring it for each audience. Partners loved this, appreciating that we recognize the difference between the channels and work to provide relevant content. David New and Wayne Schmidt, Our National Sales Managers for Accountants and Bookkeepers respectively, were the hosts.

The majority of accountants in attendance were still very early in their Xero journey. Their clear and overriding sentiment was that all around the country they can’t wait to leave behind the frustration of working with desktop accounting software. Gold Partners were grilled for guidance on how to move both their clients and their practice to the cloud. The big questions were around change management, both for clients but also their own internal staff, and how best to embrace the ever growing ecosystem of add-on products that integrate with Xero.

Accountants were keen to learn more about how to best position Xero with their clients and the challenges faced in moving to a more value based, integrated service offering. To hear from Gold Partners who have walked the walk before them was invaluable and the feedback we received from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.

The roadshow also really resonated with our bookkeeping  channel as it’s invaluable for them to hear from other bookkeepers on their experiences using Xero, and obtain advice and tips. We’ve hired many former bookkeepers as Senior Account Managers and our partners see enormous benefit in working with an Account Manager that has previous experience in the bookkeeping industry.

Attendees were introduced to a wide variety of Add-on and Implementation Partners, who demonstrated the diverse and growing Xero ecosystem. This leverages Xero’s platform and Partner Program, helps us move more practices to the cloud, and disrupts the accounting software market simultaneously.

After the afternoon sessions, Xero hosted networking drinks, which were enjoyed by all. Many partners got to meet members of the Xero team for the first time, and we had partners remark how approachable the Xero team is.

At Xerocon AU on August 29/30 in Sydney we plan to pick up on many of the questions raised by accountants in attendance. A number of our sessions at Xerocon will be dedicated to how practices best make the move to the cloud and once again we will be inviting Gold Partners up on stage for attendees to ask questions of, and learn from their experiences, to date.

In the meantime, we’re hosting free online webinars covering all the content from the roadshow, for your convenience. Register here for accountants and here for bookkeepers.

Here’s some of the team preparing in the webinar room:


Ben Wood
June 7, 2013 at 1.35 pm

Great roadshow as usual. Would love some confirmation regarding Xerocon Sydney. Got some newbies who are keen to attend too.

Wendy Elms
June 7, 2013 at 6.36 pm

Had a great time at the Brisbane event, learned a lot, and really looking to forward to catching up with everyone again at Xerocon later this year.

Dianne Jewell
June 13, 2013 at 12.16 am

One of the best networking events in Brisbane, oh yeah and the Xero stuff!

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