Xeroing in on your clients with Batchbook

Guest post by Bradford Shimp, Content Manager for Batchbook

As a business, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management. CRM software such as Batchbook is often thought of in terms of managing sales pipelines, but good CRM actually helps your business manage every aspect of your client relationships, from the first interaction to your final invoice.

With a full picture of the relationship, you can provide the best client experience possible. If you don’t use a CRM to bring all this information under one roof, you will have bits of data spread out all over the place. That can hurt you in the long run.

A good example of this is when you are dealing with a late payment. If you only look at the invoice, and have no other useful client data at your fingertips, all you know is that the bill is overdue. This will trigger a late notice, and maybe even a late fee.

But what if you have access to more information? By looking at your CRM, you can not only see that an invoice is overdue, but you can look at a communication history as well as comments from other team members. In this specific case, maybe you see that the sales rep promised a longer term but forgot to include it in the contract.

Being able to get context will help you decide how to move forward with sticky situations like overdue bills. Having all of your client data in one place will also help you build deeper relationships with your clients as a team.

The best thing you can do for your business is to get everyone actively using your CRM to not only input client data, but to manage every aspect of the relationship. By keeping track of everything, you can see the full story on your clients. And working out of the context of that story, your whole team can build deeper and longer lasting relationships that are good for business.

To help you understand more about how to use CRM to create a culture of deeper client relationships, Batchbook and accounting software giant Xero are teaming up to offer you a free webinar to share helpful ideas about “Xero-ing In on Your Clients with Batchbook”. Batchbook CEO Pamela O’Hara and Xero VP of Marketing Ian Vacin will be sharing a demo of Batchbook’s integration with Xero as well as discussing ideas about how to deepen relationships with your clients and why it’s important to do so.

Xero-ing In on Your Clients with Batchbook – Behind Every Invoice is a Relationship”

Please take a moment to sign up for the free webinar. And bring your questions! We’d love to help your business become even more customer friendly with Batchbook’s Xero integration.

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