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Beautiful accounting software at Accountex

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

I’ve attended many accounting technology exhibitions over the years and, around 10 years ago, the very notion of an exhibition for accounting software came a distant second to being licked to death by a small horse. Mostly on account of the fact that once exciting accounting software exhibitions had decomposed through neglect into museums of reheated codebases and lipstick on pigs.

You get the picture.

But they say that time heals and true to that comforting notion, I’m pleased to report that the world of accounting software has undergone a necessary rewiring and our category is now awash with fresh innovation and thinking.

So I’m pleased to announce that once again, accounting exhibitions are where it’s at.

And more to the point it’s where Xero is at this week in London where we’ll be proudly taking up residence for two days at Accountex, the UK’s largest gathering for accounting software, where we’re looking forward to connecting with as many Xero customers, accountants and bookkeepers as we can.

Accountex 2013

Plus, on Friday I’ll personally be delivering a keynote talk which I’ve rather grandly entitled ‘The Gamechangers” where I’ll share some of our thinking about what’s happening with accounting technology and how businesses and accounting professionals are standing on the threshold of probably the biggest change they’ve seen since the humble IBM PC first showed up 32 years ago. I’ll touch on some of the mega-trends we’re seeing unfold in the small business technology space.

I’ll also cover some of the cool things we’re seeing where the traditional, somewhat stuffy notions of what accounting practices should look like and how they should operate are being challenged by a new generation of modern practices like UK small business accounting experts The Wow Company, NZ/UK accounting firm DJCA (with a short Q&A interview with Dave Jessep, founder of DCJA in my keynote) along with Ireland’s most up and coming online accounting practice, Profit Pal. The common thread of course is each of these firms are huge Xero advocates, too.

So, if you’re at a loose end in London at the end of this week, pop along to the Xero stand at Accountex and find out what our beautiful cloud-based online software can do for you.

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June 5, 2013 at 10.21 am

Good to see I’m not alone with my equine licking fetish. Wait. What?

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