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Continuing our series on Rebranding the accounting profession, it’s well worth looking at PracticePlus, who have been working with Xero Accounting Partners around the world for the past three years and have come up with this great new video about their service.

Launched today, PracticePlus’ latest innovation in accountant websites – PracticePlus Lite – offers a superfast way for Xero partners to get online with a modern, mobile-friendly website that includes a suite of digital marketing tools built-in from the get-go.

Founder Matt McFedries says most accountants they talk to have outdated websites sending the wrong message to their cloud-savvy clients, and they’re not necessarily taking advantage of the ability to integrate the practice software.

Accountants face challenges just in committing to building a new site. They don’t know what they need or who to talk to about new tech opportunities. They don’t necessarily have $10,000+ to build a new website. But most importantly, they don’t have time.

PracticePlus’ innovation is PracticePlus Lite. As in lite in time, lite in cost, not lite in features. They promise to get you up and running with a new website in just three weeks. (One client’s job was recently completed in a weekend – at just $750!).

Lite comes loaded with a whole suite of apps that matter to accountants:

  • Contacts & lead synchronisation with Xero’s Practice Management
  • Integrated apps for lead tracking, online quoting and on-boarding including Practice Ignition, CapsuleCRM, SocketApp, QuoteRoller and more…
  • Built-in ‘Web Apps’ that make updating your website as easy as filling out a form

Matt says outdated, disconnected software often means client information ends up being stored in multiple places. It makes the delivery of simple e-marketing campaign excruciatingly time-consuming. PracticePlus Lite brings website, apps, and digital marketing technology together in one seamless integrated solution – buildable in “superfast time”, or maybe even next weekend!

This kind of innovation is all about upping the game for accountants by providing expertise they don’t traditionally have. It offers a tremendous amount of value by harnessing the wider ecosystem, and it’s something that we can get really excited about.

Read more on the PracticePlus blog, including a case study of Sydney-based practice Your Accounts Department.



Kirsten Barrie
May 16, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Awesome! (and yes, nice cameo Rod!)

Gayle Buchanan
May 16, 2013 at 9:32 pm

Matt just rocks … calling you now … PS, includes bookies too

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