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XPAC – UK update

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

At Xerocon London last year I announced the formation of a UK Partner advisory group, trendily referred to by the name XPAC (Xero Partner Advisory Committee) – and we operate one group in each of Australia, New Zealand, UK and the US, rotating membership annually.

The XPAC’s remit is to represent and advocate the collective views and insights of our accounting and bookkeeper communities in a structured way. We get truckloads of free-range insight across a number of channels like social media, 1:1 relationships and so on, but we think it helps to complement that with a regular sync and two way exchange with a fixed group of expert advocates.

We held our first physical meeting at our UK office a couple of weeks back and it was a great half-day exchange of ideas, discussion about future direction and feedback on positioning and priorities.

We have a pretty good fix on where we ought to be heading but it’s a big help to be able to check our logic and thinking as we go.

So, thanks to Denis Breen (our token Irishman!), Jenny McCartney, Paul Bulpitt, Laurence Moore, Simon Clark and Nathan Keeley for contributing their valuable time.

PS. You can pre-register for Xerocon London 2013 here.


Mel Dowie
May 22, 2013 at 10.52 pm

Hi, sounds great. Do you have a Bookkeeper as part of XPAC? You are all Accountants and as much as I respect and work with great Xero Accountants and looking forward to partnering with more around the country, I think having a Bookkeeper’s view on growing a practice on Xero would be great too? There is not many Bookkeepers I know using Xero in the UK (most are actual Accounting Firms offering bookkeeping services along side their Accounting services to be fair) but if recruiting more Xero Bookkeepers as they have in NZ & Australia is part of the plan I think it would be great to have us represented and part of the insight. I’m only speaking from our experience in growing our practice using Xero which can be a bit more of a struggle than accountants offering bookkeeping to clients because they do have the option to offer the total package where we have to become a bit more creative in our services. Just my opinion of course!

Gary Turner in reply to Mel Dowie Xero
May 25, 2013 at 3.28 am

Mel – great question and this year, we don’t.


If you’d like to volunteer, we’d love to add you.

Our bookkeeper focus in the UK has been secondary to accounting firms up ’til now, mostly because our UK team was so small. But the good news is we now have our first dedicated bookkeeping account manager in the team, we’re seeing a growing number of bookkeeping firms joining every week and we’re launching this new bookkeeper re-focus for 2013 with a webcast in conjunction with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers next month.

Jat Mann
May 31, 2013 at 7.46 am

Hi Gary, great news about the XPAC formation. I would like to suggest adding a ‘user’ of Xero to get a real life, commercial perspective and input – often bright ideas come from users in all walks of life.

If you need further info on my suggestion, please give me a shout.

Mel Dowie
June 8, 2013 at 9.24 am

I would love to! Thanks. Well done with Accountex. Your talk was great! Great stand too!

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