Xero Payroll API goes live

Today we’re excited to release the first integrated version of the Xero Payroll API, which offers developers many new features and end users an easier experience to get up and running with payroll add-ons. The payroll API follows our open API and self service approach allowing individual customers to use the API too.

The Payroll API covers the main use cases including employee information, applying for leave, updating timesheets, and processing payruns. Developers will be familiar with the same pattern being used as the core Xero API endpoints (with some enhancements like support for paginating results). The same OAuth process is utilised, but with the addition of granular permissions.

The Xero Developer Centre is the best place to learn more about all the new endpoints and the finer points of the Payroll API. To give developers a head start, we’ve updated the Xero API .NET wrapper and PHP code samples to show how to utilise the permissions model and new endpoints. We hope the community will pitch in and help add support for the other popular wrapper libraries too.

This Friday we are hosting a Google+ Hangout to give you the chance to get a good overview of new functionality and ask questions directly with the team that worked on the API.

The existing Paycycle API will be retired on 31st October 2013. We encourage developers to get in touch with the Xero Developer API team as soon as possible to work through migrating their apps.

We look forward to seeing your apps integrated with the new Payroll API.


Matt Allen
May 29, 2013 at 3:43 pm

This is a huge step forward. Get ready for all the rest of the timesheeting apps to be applying for partner status. 🙂

Jeromy Evans
June 3, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Thanks for the new payroll API guys. Very comprehensive!

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