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Website refresh goes way beyond rebranding

Following from our post earlier this week on rebranding the accounting profession we are excited to point to a newly released case study by digital marketing experts Mogul. They take the process of redesigning and refreshing an accountant’s website a huge step further with Xero login, integrated practice management, onboarding, email marketing, content management software and more!

The subject of the case study, Cloud Accountants, already had a great website that showed off their services and tech-savviness. They were winner of the first Xero Website of the Year Award in 2010. It had a friendly look and showed transparent value-based pricing options demonstrating their forward-thinking approach to being business advisors.

So what inspired the shift in how their website looks and feels? How has the industry changed since 2010? Mogul’s Matthew Miller notes:

  • Cloud delivery of services is now a widespread software model.
  • Xero has evolved into a disruptive force in the accounting world (weren’t we already!).
  • A whole ecosystem of useful cloud-based add-ons has developed around Xero.
  • The WordPress content management system has become a mature platform – a global standard in open-source web content publishing.
  • Mobile web-enabled devices have become ubiquitous and comprise a significant part of most websites’ traffic.
  • Social media has become a mainstream marketing tool.

Where there’s change, there’s opportunity for the agile. With their Partner Packages, Mogul make it easy to address these changes in one fell swoop – dealing to lead generation, referrals, conversions, regular content publishing and more.

As Miller explains, making it easy technologically is aligned with making it easy for practices to be well branded and efficient business advisors. Will McTavish from Link Solutions was also key to the story, in helping Cloud Accountants get the technology working smoothly together.

As well as a website that looks great and is syncing in seamlessly with Xero’s Practice Management and with Practice Ignition, it’s also great to see features like auto resizing for mobiles and tablets and Xero information that is kept automatically up-to-date for them. Cloud Accountant’s Justin Keen is understandably stoked, citing the way the site positions their brand and the speed of implementation.

It’s cool to see innovation in the marketing of accounting services and in how companies in and around the Xero ecosystem are working together and packaging services to support the move to value-driven service offerings.


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Gayle Buchanan
10 May 2013 #

Looking great Justin, thanks for the tip on why the packages are a good idea and the volume that buy off the rack. Nice of you to share that.

Abdulganiyu Ope-ifa
10 May 2013 #

Ever since I discovered xero and her influencers, pioneers and advocates like Justin I knew then that my dream of having “modern accounting practice’ in my part of the world is reality. you guys have gone a long way, and you are doing good jobs. This article and the two previously posted is currently solving the challenges I ought to be facing in the currently stage of business plan.
Great Jobs!!!

Gillian Rossouw
11 May 2013 #

Fantastic website looking tremendous your web developer has given you a WOW Factor website. Congrats

13 May 2013 #

Thanks for the feedback guys! The team at Mogul are the best and I would recommend to anyone for the build of their websites, no matter which industry you are in. And the collaboration with Practice Ignition and Link Solutions allows enquiries to come straight through to Lead Manager in Workflowmax. We have had more than a half a dozen new enquiries already!

14 May 2013 #

Nice marketing Justin – you’re a digital leader.

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15 May 2013 #

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22 March 2014 #

Does mogul work with clients in the USA? If so can you provide their pricing information. I did not see prices on their site.

George Miller
24 March 2014 #

Hi Beverly
Thanks for your direct enquiry on Saturday. We have sent you an email this morning with more information and look forward to hearing from you soon.
George Miller, MD, Mogul

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