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Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

pepIt’s encouraging that an ever growing number of professional practices in the UK have recognised the merit in embedding Xero at the heart of a drive to regenerate and redefine (and often re-brand) the professional services they offer clients. Indeed, we now count just over 1,000 UK practices as members of our Partner Program (some context; there are 20,000 accounting firms and around 10,000 bookkeepers in the UK, so we ain’t lighting cigars with fifty pound notes, yet).

Practices tell us they’re choosing to adopt Xero for a number of reasons; the core efficiency gains of being able to remotely support their small business clients, the additional services they can begin to offer these clients now that they can readily access their financial records at a whim, and because it makes them more attractive to new clients.

And so we’re now seeing some of the same amazing things taking shape in the UK that we saw kick off in New Zealand a couple of years ago, where firms that looked pretty much like any other professional accounting practice begin to change their spots and reshape the fundamentals of how they work and service their customers.

And so it’s in this context of improvement and refinement that it was natural for Xero to get behind AccountingWEB’s Practice Excellence Programme this year.

And also because I have a hunch.

A hunch that when the final client satisfaction feedback analysis is presented later this year, we expect there might be some interesting differences among the trends between the satisfaction levels voiced by clients of online practices versus those who have yet to make the move.

So, if you’re a UK practice please join me in this big experiment and head on over and enter your firm into the survey process.

AccountingWEB are will cease taking entries on June 5th.


Gayle Buchanan
May 25, 2013 at 8.23 am

Wow, what an opportunity for any practice to get feedback (or probably for the first time think about it) nice work sponsoring this Xero

Matt McFedries
May 25, 2013 at 9.57 am

Exciting to see the same great story unfolding in the UK. Love how Xero’s success = accountants’ success = SME’s success.

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