ICAEW re-accreditation & UK Online VAT filing

Last week we ticked off a couple of important market milestones in the UK; firstly the technical experts at the Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales saw fit to re-accredit Xero as ticking all the right accounting boxes in all the right places, and second we opened up the first phase of our long-awaited online integration with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs online gateway, enabling UK customers to submit their VAT Returns online at the click of a button, directly from Xero to the HMRC online gateway.

We first obtained the ICAEW’s nod back in 2008 shortly after we launched the UK Edition of Xero and its fair to say that after the 70 or so updates since then there was a great deal more functionality for their assessor to check through this time around.

The ICAEW’s Accredited Products scheme has long been the closest thing you’ll get to an industry kite mark in the UK, in what is a notoriously complex and technical category of business software. And obtaining the accreditation is no mean feat either, testament to this is the fact that there are only five online accounting products to have ever been accredited by the ICAEW, with Xero being by far the most populous in terms of installed customer base.

In the ICAEW’s own words:

All the products on the scheme have satisfied our robust technical evaluation criteria and are from companies that are financially sound and offer strong customer support.

And it was great to see Twitter come alive at the beginning of last week with excited chirps and tweets as the long-awaited HMRC integration came online. While Xero has catered for UK VAT since we first launched our UK Edition, ironically for an online accounting application it has taken us quite a while close that final step of the loop by connecting live with HMRC’s online gateway. But we got there, and we’re grateful for your patience.




April 6, 2013 at 7:16 pm


DO the other accounting bodies in the UK (CIMA + ACCA) have an accredited products scheme?

I know both have done presentations to their members, have they endorsed Xero in a similar manner?



Gary Turner in reply to HeatherSmithAU Xero
April 9, 2013 at 4:06 am

Hi Heather, neither CIMA nor ACCA run an accredited products scheme, but the ICB does.

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