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SurePayroll: Easy online payroll add-on

SurePayroll Add-on Partner

SurePayroll is a lot like Xero – they want to help US small businesses better focus on the important things by turning the time-consuming task of payroll into something that’s as easy as 1-2-3.  The SurePayroll product has everything you need to manage your small business payroll. In addition to being a fully featured payroll add-on that can be accessed from any computer (and mobile apps too), SurePayroll also handles tax filing and payment, paycheck payment via direct deposit or paper checks, and an online portal for both employers and employees.

Who is it for?
SurePayroll is all about small business – from entrepreneurs starting out with no employees, right through to franchises. SurePayroll is also great for accountants managing small business payroll with an accountant dashboard and partner programs available.


How SurePayroll works with Xero
Once you have completed the once-off setup and configuration, you can export your payroll data to Xero within the ‘Accounting Integration’ section of SurePayroll. This exports a bill with all your payroll journals, so it can be easily reconciled in Xero. A detailed how-to guide is available within the ‘Accounting Integration’ section of SurePayroll.

Where you can use SurePayroll
SurePayroll can be used to process payroll anywhere in the United States.

Check it out
The SurePayroll team will be happy to provide a free personalized quote to Xero users.


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Gayle Buchanan
26 April 2013 #

Way to go US … very excited for you

Gayle Buchanan
26 April 2013 #

super exciting – high 5 Xero US

27 April 2013 #

Deputy already has an integration built for SurePayroll !

A S M Ariful HAQUe
3 May 2013 #

would it b possible to use it by Australian Business

7 May 2013 #

Just to let you know if you’re using Xero for an Australian business then we have Xero Payroll built right into the product – no need to use an add-on.

31 May 2013 #

great payroll service, glad to see the produts work together!

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