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Payroll reporting in real time

Today for Australia we’ve released an update that gives you more power when it comes to payroll reporting. Retrieving the right information when you need it is key to good payroll administration. With this release, we’ve completely rebuilt our reporting framework and increased the number of reports available from seven to fourteen.

So what’s new?

Allowing you to quickly and easily find and report on your information were our main priorities when building this update. Some of the key features you will notice include:

  • Extensive filtering and sorting: Choose to report on all kinds of information including employees, employee groups, custom dates, and employee status.
  • Custom views: Choose the columns to display on the page making viewing different types of information, straight forward.
  • Easy as: Predictive search helps you find information already contained in the report without the need to remember.
  • Export: All reports can be exported to PDF and Excel.
  • Results in seconds: Our advanced technology can generate search results in a flash.

New Reports

As well as enabling you to find and report more effectively on your information, this release also includes 14 new and updated payroll reports including:

  • Payroll Activity Summary
  • Payroll Activity Details
  • Transaction Listing Summary – New
  • Transaction Listing Detail – New
  • Timesheet Summary – New
  • Timesheet Details – New
  • Superannuation Accrual
  • Superannuation Payment
  • Leave Balances – New
  • Leave Transactions
  • Leave Requests – New
  • Payment Summary Details – New
  • Employee Remuneration – New
  • Employee Contact Details

For more information on the above reports please take a read of our release notes.

You might also notice the fantastic new videos that we announced a few weeks ago are now located entirely within the application, on the relevant pages. Helping you navigate the potential complexities of payroll is a real focus for us and hopefully these videos will just help a little bit!

If you’d like to go through an overview and demonstration of the latest features of the new Payroll Reports you can also sign up to our webinar for more information.

More updates to Payroll will be released before the end of financial year so keep an eye out for more information coming soon.


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17 April 2013 #

Another great update to make our day easier. Thanks Xero!

17 April 2013 #

The updates keep coming and this time with additional reporting to sweeten an already awesome payroll system, nice work team Xero!

Stuart McLeod
17 April 2013 #

Many of users have noticed that the Payroll Activity Summary report is displaying differently to what it was previously, listing out all employees without totals. This is not the intention of the report, rather it should be totalling all employees so that the figures represent the W1 and W2 amounts required for the BAS. There’s a community discussion, but we’re working on resolving this as soon as possible.

The workaround for now is to run a Transaction Listing Summary report and group by Pay Item Type. That will give you the totals that you need for the BAS.

Stuart McLeod
17 April 2013 #

Here’s our link to the community with some more information

Gillian Rossouw
17 April 2013 #

Blown away this morning seeing new reporting dashboard, fantastic reporting functionality for filtering. Good news and thanks again. Xero Payroll rocks

Luis Aleixo
17 April 2013 #

Great Work on the Xero Payroll update!
Xero continues to deliver great tools for Accounting Firms and Businesses.
Thank You Xero

17 April 2013 #

Looking good! Any news on when the new Payroll API is coming? Can’t wait to do a tight integration!

Tim Jasper
17 April 2013 #

This is great Xero, but you forget the export to google docs link!!!!!
We don’t use excel anymore. We’re in the cloud!!!! (remember?)

Tim Jasper
17 April 2013 #


Oliver Furniss
17 April 2013 #

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback – it really helps so please keep it coming.

The Payroll API is coming really soon and we are equally excited about what opportunities this will open. Favourites and Google Docs are important enhancements to further improve reports and you will continue to see staggered improvements but at this stage there is no timeframe for these.

17 April 2013 #

Have just completed the BAS calculations for the quarter and found the process very time consuming so I am happy that the revised Payroll Activity Summary is planned to look more like the standard payroll run report. I am used to working with MYOB and find that some of the processes for payroll are quite time consuming and would like to have the option of being able to enter Annual leave, sick leave etc directly into the employee pay sheet. Also the process of having to create a draft invoice and then pay the invoice seems long winded when it could just be approved and automatically processed. Is there any way to use shortcuts eg Control plus shortcut key for entry of Purchases, Sales etc to reduce amount of time taken to enter bulk invoices? I can see progress but still find it takes me much longer to enter transactions into Xero than it would MYOB.

Marisa Punshon
17 April 2013 #

Great update for Xero payroll, this certainly helps increase clarity within the often messy domain of payroll and HR.

17 April 2013 #

Payment Summary Details report doesn’t find any records… I have over three years of payroll entered and none of the financial year endings produce any data. Why?

Stuart McLeod
18 April 2013 #

Hi @Luke, it’s likely that you haven’t published your Payment Summaries. Please channel queries like this through our normal support email –


Oliver Furniss
18 April 2013 #

Hey @Nola and thanks for your feedback. We are actively working on an update to the Payment Summary Report to reduce the confusion when completing BAS calculations – more information will be available on that soon.

With regards to your other feedback these are areas where we know we have room to improve and feedback from our customers really help focus on what we do.

Joyce Lim
18 April 2013 #

The Report export to Excel needs to be fixed as it downloads to a file with an extension “.xlsx.xls” and confuses the heck out of Excel.
Any chance of including a Notes Tab in the Employee section – it would be handy to refer to short notes within Xero in relation Employee’s pay increases, job promotion, change of position, etc

Stuart McLeod
19 April 2013 #

Thanks @Joyce, will look in to that. Notes for employees are on the roadmap, but won’t be shortly.

This morning, as promised, we’ve released an update to the Payroll Summary Report so that it is summarising correctly. The BAS information required for W1 and W2 is easily found in a report that will generally fit on 1 page. We hear that you like the old style of report as well, and we’ll look at providing this in the next release or as soon as possible thereafter.

1 May 2013 #

Hi Guys,

Has the reporting of date to be paid for Super on payslips (per made it into the current release yet?

There is an old post here ( but am having trouble finding something definite.


Tim Wright
3 May 2013 #

@Liam, You’re spot on that in late June 2012 legislation was passed for this change and we pretty much immediately updated Xero Payroll. The expected payment date of superannuation is displayed on employee payslips. We announced this on our end of year blog post last year.
In reality details of the change and commencement date are still under consideration by the government. The ATO website is being kept updated for this too.
Rest assured as anything changes we’ll make any necessary updates to Xero Payroll, but thats the state of play right now.

7 May 2013 #


Thanks for that – I’d missed it in the Dec blog post.

Re the ATO page you linked to – I suspect you’ll find that that is out of date, the article I linked to has the assent date in it meaning it is now law and afaik will come into effect on 1 July.


Colin Chandler
8 May 2013 #

Please bring back the old style payroll activity summary report. The superannuation accruals report shows the salary sacrifce amounts together with other contributions. It would be good to have the various types of contributions accross the page in separation columns so it is easier to lodge super payments accurately.

Stuart McLeod
27 May 2013 #

WIth todays release, the old report is now available as the Payroll Employee Summary. It’s located with the other payroll reports under Reports | All Reports.

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