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Seeking great performance in New Zealand

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Amanda Armstrong

Viv Brownrigg is a New Zealand accounting industry leader who spends her time helping accountants work more effectively with their clients. At Xerocon in February, she spoke about there being too many poor performing firms, who are stagnating or have declining revenues.

Conversely though, the accounting firms at the top end of these KPIs are doing extremely well. They’re growing, attracting new clients like you wouldn’t believe and exploding their business advisory revenues to boot. So the opportunity is there to not just overcome poor performance but to turn it into great performance.

Viv specialises in turning firms into great firms and she starts by asking accountants one key question: What would your clients say if you asked them to summarise your job description? Would they say that you do their accounts and keep the IRD away? Or would they say that you’re a key part of their business, advising them of opportunities and warning them of pitfalls on a regular basis? More importantly, what would you rather hear them say?

By making it so more clients give the second answer rather than the first, accountants can really change the way they do business. That’s what Viv and her organisation The Accountants’ RePublic specialise in doing. They help accountants get the most out of available technology and move on to more collaborative relationships with their clients.

Right now they’re putting together RePublic 2013, a series of one-day events where they’ll show accountants how to break free of the misconception that their only purpose is to take client numbers.

The day will kick off with the ultimate test. Each firm will be asked to articulate their point of difference, with NZ’s foremost brand specialist Brian Richards helping firms to create the right experiences across key touch points in their business.

Successful practitioner Michelle Hill of ReSolve Accountants will take you through the education programme that re launches you as Business Advisor. Her business advisory revenue grew from 13% to 42% in 3 years. Before Michelle learnt how to really engage her clients, she too believed that clients were getting all they needed. Her view of that world has changed forever.

Viv will take you through simple ways to demonstrate and monitise your value to clients, busting the myth that clients won’t pay for more services. She’ll also take you through many specialisation case studies and with the help of Robert Simon from The Resilience Institute, help you get creative about delivering new ideas and resilient practice growth.

Ready, set, grow!

It’s great to see accountants helping other accountants like this. After all, nobody knows the industry better than those who live and breathe it. So, if you’re a New Zealand accountant who wants to move to a more hands-on, collaborative way of working with clients, register for RePublic 2013.


Gayle Buchanan
April 16, 2013 at 7.50 pm

See you all there – wouldn’t miss it

Charlotte - New Accountant
April 19, 2013 at 1.50 am

I’ll try and make it…

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