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Introducing Xero Payroll Essentials

In February, the talented team of Josh Farmer and Nadim Malvat introduced Xero Business Essentials, a series of videos explaining, demonstrating and generally enlightening users or potential users on the operation of Xero for business. Now they bring their same dry humour, radio voice and beautiful animations to these videos for Xero Australian Payroll.

These videos will be incorporated directly within the application in an upcoming release, allowing users to get extremely useful video content, directly relevant to their current page.

We’re also working on a video for June to assist with that dreaded processing that all small businesses are required to complete for our friends Chris and Wayne.

There are a some exciting updates coming to payroll for Australian users in the next month or two so watch out for those on the blog.



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Gillian Rossouw
14 March 2013 #

I love #Xero Payroll this is awesome

Lucy (@pinkpoetlikeme)
14 March 2013 #

get to the UK?

Lucy (@pinkpoetlikeme)
14 March 2013 #

I meant, when will this update get to the UK?

Stuart McLeod
15 March 2013 #

Hi @Lucy, at the moment we’re committed to rolling out payroll in the US. That doesn’t mean NZ and UK miss out, it’s just that we’ve got some priorities in place. No timeframes yet, but, as always, watch this space.

Ashik Ahmed
31 March 2013 #

Love Xero Payroll!

Every week thousands of approved timesheets from Deputy is pushed into Xero Payroll. Keep up the great work Stuart + John!

Looking forward to the US expansion :)


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