Developer update: credit notes & organisations

2013 is now well underway and we’ve been busy on lots of fronts. This API 2.23 release gives you some improvements to existing endpoints that we hope will make life easier for developers and end users.

Apply credit notes as payment
You can now allocate part or full amounts of credit notes to outstanding invoices via the Xero API. We have full details in our 2.23 release notes.

Hanging out for the ability to create credit note refunds? This is next on our list.

Showing credit note allocations
In order to support credit note payments and future improvements to that endpoint, you can now see details of all allocations to invoices when retrieving credit notes. As usual, there’s more info in the release notes.

Organisation extras
A shortcode for identifying an organisation is now shown along with its address details. Full details on this in our 2.22 release notes and a little bit extra in our community forum on possible shortcode uses.

Tax rate changes live yesterday
As previously communicated on the developer mailing list, please make sure you are aware of the changes to Tax Rate codes for Xero in Australia and how these may affect your application – you may not be based in Australia, but some of your customers may be. Full explanation in this guide.

It’s good to talk
Don’t forget that if you have a question about using the Xero API? Run into a tricky problem? Make sure you share it in the Xero Developer Community. The community is regularly patrolled by both experienced Xero API users and members of the Xero Team, so the odds are someone will be able to help you out.

API features coming soon

  • Payroll API
  • Credit note refunds
  • Create invoices with discounts

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