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A Polar Bear at Xero

Posted 9 years ago in Platform by Xero
Posted by Xero

Yesterday we outlined a change of direction for Xero Touch. Today, I’d like to introduce our newest iOS developer, Layton Duncan.

Layton joining Xero is a bit of a coup for us. He’s well known amongst the iOS development community as the founding director of Polar Bear Farm, widely regarded as the first iOS development company in the world. He’s worked on a large number of iOS projects both for external parties and for himself, including Face Match, Forms, Air Forms, Tweet Push and more.  

As mentioned yesterday, we’re still actively looking for an Android developer to help us deliver some great Android apps.

Meet Layton Duncan

Having founded Polar Bear Farm shortly after the release of the iPhone in 2007, mobile computing has been my passion since. I started building native iPhone apps before there was any App Store, before any developer tools from Apple, even before the promise of tools to develop native apps from Apple.

The launch of the iPhone was something I saw was as potentially game changing as the introduction of the mouse and GUI with the original Macintosh, and I wanted to build apps for it. Almost six years later, it’s hard to imagine daily life without a smart phone. They’ve quickly become pervasive and ingrained into many people’s daily lives. Having the internet in your pocket virtually everywhere you go is incredibly powerful.

So when Rod approached me to come on board to help Xero build the native mobile presence on iOS, it was immediately interesting. As a long time customer of Xero with my businesses, I’d always admired the company, the product, and the huge value it provided me in running my businesses. I remember the first time reconciling bank statements in Xero with bank feeds and rules; it made a once-tedious task, effortless – an experience which pervades all parts of the product.

My first job is to transition the current iteration of Xero Touch to a fully fledged native iOS app. After that, we’ll really start to delve into the interesting possibilities going native offers. These devices know where they are, how fast they’re moving, what direction they’re pointing, the time of day. They can see, and listen. Combining all that contextual information in clever ways to make apps that are super fast and fun to use is the stuff that makes mobile computing so interesting right now. 

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Gayle Buchanan
March 19, 2013 at 4.23 pm

Welcome Layton to the Xero family (nice work Rod!)

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