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Xerocon NZ 2013 – Add-on & API day

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We’re at the Add-on and API day for Xerocon NZ in Auckland today – the first time it has been sold out! You can follow our Twitter hashtag #xerocon. The incredible interest shown by our Add-on partners, developers and advisor partners and demonstrates how the ecosystem is taking off.

This morning we have been covering big picture stuff including the key things we are working on this year.

API Roadmap

Tony Rule, API Product Manager at Xero took us through some of the achievements of the API team in 2012:

  • 7 API feature releases
  • Over 1,000 applications using the Xero API
  • 1,000s of support tickets from developers and end users answered
  • Improvements to documentation, wrapper libraries and new integration guides

The balancing act of features requested by existing developers, new developers that need additional functionality built in order to integrate and the continual development of new features in the main Xero application that the API needs to keep with, is Tony’s joyful task.

Tony took us through some of the releases coming up shortly: changes to accommodate Australian tax code changes, the new payroll API for Australian customers, and improvements to the credit notes endpoint. The goal is seven or more releases in 2013 also – keep an eye on how we do!

Partner update

Ronan Quirke, Developer Partner Programs Manager at Xero gave us an update on how the Add-on & Developer partner programs are tracking. There are now over 150 partners, connecting Xero customers to over 200 applications.

As the ecosystem grows we are keeping pace with improvements to the Add-on directory to more easily find suitable Add-ons using search or new vertical categories. Advisors will also have access to a feedback forum where they can share their tips and experiences of using different Add-ons.

Product Direction

We know our Add-on partners have concerns about how new features that Xero develops might affect their market. Ronan and Tony were joined by Xero Product Manager Andrew Tokeley (Tokes) to discuss what our future plans are, and things on the roadmap that we think our partners should know about.

Tokes talked about major projects anticipated in the Xero Business Application so developers can be aware of what might be possible to leverage through the API in future and able to express such interest. More about these features will be covered in the product reveals tomorrow.

The key message was that we are open and transparent about what we are doing, and always happy to discuss our plans in more depth if our partners have any questions here.

Ecosystem Update

CEO Rod Drury wrapped up the morning session with an update on the ecosystem, how he sees it developing and what the opportunities are (hint: there are lots).

Verticals are a huge opportunity with Xero addressing the huge-investment horizontal component of online solutions.  Think about your pricing. A big decision in determining this is the size of the market you want to address – that determines the structure and nature of your business – you need to consider the complexity and the cost of sales. Just because Xero is a $49 product does not mean you need to be.

A key message to New Zealand Add-on partners is that we see opportunities around the world – if you can leverage Xero and our customer base to market your application, go for it!

Looking around the world, Australia is booming since we added payroll there, as the market was conditioned for payroll as part of the base accounting package. There are now 40,000 customers there. Our recent roadshow there had over 3,300 attendees. So look there for Add-on business. UK is also growing, now at 16,000 customers – another solid market. In the US it’s early days. We have a big investment going on there and some big partnerships so keep an eye on it and we’re more than happy to help Add-on partners landing there.

We are now breaking into afternoon content streams: a business stream for the suits to find out how to market and sell Add-ons to the Xero audience, and a technical stream for geeks where there will be talks from the Xero team and one of our top developer partners, Trineo.

Otherwise, tune in tomorrow for the all day Xerocon Live Blog!


Gayle buchana
February 21, 2013 at 1.17 pm

First API Day. Very cool for a bookie to see all the hard work behind the dashboard

Gillian Rossouw
February 21, 2013 at 1.27 pm

API and Add On Partners full house connecting with #bookkeepers #accountants some meeting for first time. Awesome how #xero have shared their vision tips how to serve our customers. Definitely well worth attending. Tremendous

February 22, 2013 at 5.30 am

Is it possible to push data into xero or unleashed?

Jeremy Harris
February 22, 2013 at 6.41 am

So valuable for accountants and bookkeepers to be at the Add-on and API day. The strength of Xero’s commitment to the ecosystem shows through authentically. In a way it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the philosophy behind building a great business platform.

Ronan Quirke
February 22, 2013 at 10.01 am

@Gillian & @Gayle – great to have a touch of glamour with you two in the room, thanks so much for coming!

Maree Maxfield
February 28, 2013 at 1.39 am

Sounds like the API day was huge in NZ – great to see. From what I see, the interest in the add-ons is growing fast in the UK with many businesses and Accountants starting to appreciate what Xero and the add-ons can do for their Practice/business.

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