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Batchbook – the social CRM

Batchbook Add-on Partner

If you are in business, you will know CRM is important, but you also know that those customer details can be in a lot of different places: emails, mailing lists, spreadsheets and of course Xero. Bringing it all together, helping you focus on your most important customers and advanced features like custom fields and tasks is what Batchbook is all about.

Who is it for?
If communicating with your customers is something you need to do in your business, and a megaphone is not the most effective way to do so, then Batchbook might be the solution. It is all about building better relationships with your customers, and everyone wants to do that.

Meet the team in New Zealand
We are delighted to announce that not only will Batchbook be making the trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Auckland for Xerocon New Zealand, but they will also be holding Batchbook customer love parties in Auckland and Wellington while they are here. Dates and registration here for Wellington and Auckland.

How Batchbook works with Xero
Once connected, you can import customers from Xero to Batchbook, view any outstanding invoices and add a to-do item to follow up if you need to. Batchbook does not yet export contacts to Xero.

Where you can use Batchbook
Batchbook is available anywhere and pricing is in US dollars.

Check it out
Sign up for the free 30 day trial to check out Batchbook and get social with your CRM.


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Julie Russell
13 February 2013 #

Err, has the venue changed for this event? Was sure it was in Parnell last week when I looked, but now eventbrite are telling me its in Onehunga? Can someone please confirm this? Thanks!

Ronan Quirke
14 February 2013 #

@Julie – It has moved from Parnell to Auckland CBD – Britomart Country Club ( I’m from Ireland originally, but even I know Britomart is not in Onehunga – will give Google maps a good talking to!

Hope to see you there.

Julie Russell
14 February 2013 #

Hi Ronan – thanks so much for that – definitely be there then! See you on Wednesday,

Richard Penny
29 April 2013 #

Hi Ronan.

Any chance we could talk about a running similar session regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Please let me know!


Ronan Quirke
29 April 2013 #

@Richard you folks should be getting our updates with opportunities that go out to Add-on partners. Drop a line to if you need anything.

4 June 2013 #

Hi Guys – does this integration provide for automated contact synchronization – so new contact in Xero means automatic entry in Batchbook?.

Ronan Quirke
5 June 2013 #

@Tony BatchBook does not yet automatically sync contacts – recommend you give it a go if you have time, and see if this is an issue for your workfow.

Graeme Leo
6 June 2013 #

@Tony Automatic sync of contacts between CRM and accounting introduces complexity and a problem with what information should prevail on making changes. Is it records in CRM or records in accounting that should take precedence on updating? What if a record is created in accounting that already exists in CRM, how is duplicate checking handled? Most integrations of CRM and accounting require a person to make a decision on which information is saved rather then rely on an automated process. As the organisation gets larger and multiple CRM records link to the one account card there is more complexity. The take away is – some stuff just cannot be automated entirely, a human needs to make a decision :-)

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