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Summertime tech talks

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I know a number of our readers are actually in the northern hemisphere, but over here on the top of the world it’s summer time (I still can’t get used to Christmas being a summer vacation). Summer at Xero HQ means two things – Gelato and Interns.

Yes we get nice gelato delivered and available to purchase without having to leave Xero HQ on a Tuesday, but that’s a whole other post about how awesome it is to work for a company that respects its employees. Rather, I want to talk about interns.

We’re proud members of an internship program that runs here in Wellington called Summer of Tech, we’ve been accepting interns off the program for the past 5 years and we’ve always found them incredibly valuable, both for growing the tech talent pool in Wellington and also for getting some of the smaller projects done, tasks that we usually can’t prioritize over bigger pieces of work but are very valuable. Our interns get a truckload of experience and get to build things that get used in the wild. They can show their friends and future employees what they’ve done. We’ve also kept a couple of our interns on as they’ve shown such great aptitude.

We like to think that Summer of Tech is a different kind of intern program. One thing that sets it apart from others is it’s not driven and guided by the education system as a lot of similar programs are. Instead we have an advisory committee (I’ve been a member for a number of years) that guides the program on the things that tech companies really require out of new graduates. Then, as a program, Summer of Tech puts on a whole training series during winter and summer to try and help students help themselves, and to show off the great talent we have in our universities to the best employers in town.

During the summer the education doesn’t stop. We are proud to sponsor the Summer Seminar Series, which is a set of talks/lectures/panels that are free to attend for everyone. The talks are aimed at giving valuable insight into the real world of work within tech companies and give students and employers valuable time to mix and meet each other as well as learn something new.

I’m tasked with putting together this year’s seminar schedule and to start with we’ve lined up two great speakers this side of Christmas. If you’re in Wellington and want to come along just go to and sign up for free.

The first talk is today the 6th December, and there are still spots available so sign up now. There’ll be plenty more talks in the series after the New Year, so follow the Summer of Tech Twitter feed or Facebook page to keep abreast of announcements.

I love being part of Summer of Tech and love that we can help bring some great talks to people for free, so please come along. We’ve taken two interns this year from the Summer of Tech program and I’ll make sure they do an introduction on the blog sometime soon.

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