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Developer update – reports and lots more

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We’ve been so busy shipping API code that we haven’t blogged about it for a while now. So we thought it was time we told you about some of the goodies we have been working on. You could say Christmas has come early….

Reports by tracking

In our 2.19 API release on October 30th, we released the ability to profit & loss and balance sheet reports by tracking categories and options. We have full details in our 2.19 release notes.

1099 Report

The US version of Xero now has a 1099 report generator, and the 2.20 release of the Xero API exposes this functionality for external developers.

Australian Payroll API

Work is underway to expose the Australian payroll functionality via the API. This is currently in active development, and we are inviting developers to register their interest by adding a comment to our developer forum discussion – we may open this to beta users in advance, so let us know if you are interested.

API & Add-on day

Join us at Xerocon New Zealand 2013 for the Add-on & API day to find out about what is coming in 2013 with the Xero API, best practices, partner opportunities and more. Programme and registration info.

API features coming soon

  • Credit note improvements: apply payments
  • Australian payroll API
  • Conversion import tool enhancements
  • Paginated resultsets and improved data extraction

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