Best of the Xero blog 2012

If you are a follower of the Xero blog, or have had the chance to dip into it on occasion, you may know we speak to many audiences in the Xero community, from small business to accounting, technology and company news. We strive to serve everyone through this portal, providing useful information and a touch of entertainment!

I’ve only been here half a year and with so many great posts it was a tough ask to pull out the best of 2012. So, with only that vague awareness of what we did in the first half and with time running out, I called on colleague and wordsmith Sam B Grover to give me his top choices for the year – not necessarily those that got the most hits but those where there was particularly interesting thought and insight.

You’ll find some interesting reading here. We encourage you to pick up on those you missed the first time, especially if you are are a new customer, partner or reader.

In no particular order:

What if Picasso had been an Accountant? – guest post by Paul Dunn

It’s a beautiful Spring morning in the centre of the equally beautiful French Provencale small town of Mougins in 1969. The locals have gathered for their morning café and croissant. . .

New year, new calling – Matt Vickers looks at the future of mobile

In the past few days, applications to join Xero’s mobile team have really picked up. It’s heartening to see the enthusiasm out there. People get it. Mobile is nothing less than the next wave of personal computing. . .

The PCs disappearing act – Xero UK chief Gary Turner considers tech developments

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel whose silicon has been at the heart of the last forty plus years of computing, came up with Moore’s Law in an article in Electronics Magazine in April 1965. . .

Xero co-founder Hamish Edwards with five top tips on validating business growth ideas

You’ve got an existing business and you want to make it fly. But you really need to validate your idea before you can scale up. I’ve been involved in a number of rapid growth and new business start-ups including Xero and more recently an online system for managing foreign exchange and interest rate risk. . .

Crowdfunding: bringing Wall Street to Main Street? – by US boss Jamie Sutherland
Are we about to start a new era of American capitalism? With the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act just days away from being passed into law, start-ups will soon have new. . .

The Apportunity – Xero CEO Rod Drury explains the excitement of the ecosystem

A month or so ago I spoke in Blenheim. One of our great partners, Neil from Winstanley Kerridge was introducing me and Xero and it surprised me that he thought the biggest benefit of Xero was the. . .

Flight of the Xeros – the tongue-in-cheek David Attenborough-styled doco of our office move

Six months ago, we moved into a new Wellington HQ. Since then, we were finalists for an NZ Property Council award in the Heritage and Adaptive Reuses category, and we’re . .

You may also have your own favorite Xero blog this year. Do comment on our selection or suggest your top choice alternatives.

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Introducing more flexibility for UK Payroll

Payroll in Xero is flying in the UK. Since its launch earlier this year, our customers in the UK have processed nearly £200 million of employee pay using it. Our Payroll team has been focused on extending and refining the core experience of using Payroll in Xero, guided by feedback from the thousands of businesses, ...

Automatic enrolment and pension schemes in Xero

Automatic enrolment of employees into a workplace pension will affect every employer over the next couple of years. Every employer has a legal duty to enrol all eligible employees into a pension scheme. They also need to assess their employees according to certain criteria to find out who is  ‘Eligible’. We’re building assessment, auto enrolment, and workplace pension capabilities ...