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Bank feeds for Xero Personal

You can stop importing those .csv files into Xero Personal – our personal finance product now has bank feeds! Connect Xero Personal to your bank and your online banking transactions automatically come through every morning for you to sort and categorize.

Many of the bank feeds supported by Xero Business are supported immediately, with more coming in the New Year. Over time the number of banks included will only increase.

We’ve also added notes to transactions so you can put any detail you want on your spending. Have a look at how bank feeds, sorting rules (released in July) and notes on transactions work together to give you a complete picture of your finances in this video:

Check this list now to see if your bank is available, or log into your Xero Personal, add an account, and type in your bank’s name to see if it is there.

If you aren’t already using Xero Personal then do sign up. You’ll love how easy it is to get a complete picture of your spending when your transactions come through every morning.


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Berend de Boer
10 December 2012 #

Fantastic news!

Steph Hinds
10 December 2012 #

So awesome! So many clients will absolutely love this.

10 December 2012 #

Great news!!

Anton Gerner
10 December 2012 #

OMG!! This is great!

La Tisha Richards
10 December 2012 #

Very helpful feature…

Adrian Hall
10 December 2012 #

What I’d love to see is the ability to pre-enter transactions and reconcile transactions like xero proper does.
Last time I looked, xero personal was merely an ‘after the fact’ recording tool

10 December 2012 #

What about feeds for non-BNZ account when using MoneyMap?

10 December 2012 #

Well done guys! Works well.

10 December 2012 #

Great – still missing Kiwibank but hopefully they are on the way as well.

10 December 2012 #

When will we see TSB on there?

10 December 2012 #

Great idea, but will not work for my ANZ accounts. Credit cards OK, but no other accounts. Very Frustrating as I have been looking forward to this for a while

James Solomons
10 December 2012 #

Woo Hoo !! Now I can track my wife’s shoe spending much closer !

10 December 2012 #

Lots of great stuff in this release, Payment terms and Due date shortcuts will save a lot of time, reversing journals really useful. But when will be able to customise the remittance advice ? at the moment using the registered address rather than the physical address renders using remittance advice useless.

Keep up the good work

Troy G
10 December 2012 #

Congrats on this major milestone. Just noticed, though, that you don’t support multiple currencies with Xero Personal yet. I was hoping you’d be the first real app (web or desktop) to support this (with bank feeds) – hopefully it’s just around the corner as unfortunately, with only one currency being supported, it doesn’t fill a gap left by other vendors. Thanks.

Sara Goepel
10 December 2012 #

@Adam – MoneyMap only offers BNZ bank feeds.

@CJ_NZ & Daddybot – I don’t have a definite answer on Kiwibank or TSB, but more banks will be available over the coming weeks/months.

@ Adrian & Troy – no immediate plans for multicurrency or ability to preload transactions and reconcile, but make sure your requests are in the community with your votes.

10 December 2012 #

Awesome about the feeds, sux about MoneyMap! not happy!!!

Any idea if/when this will be implemented? Otherwise I’ll cancel MoneyMap and sign up on a personal account.

Don Key
10 December 2012 #

Don’t mind importing .csv’s now… actually quite like it.

Can you stop support for this?

I don’t

10 December 2012 #

Can you please explain how I can (or will be able to) get BNZ and other bank accounts automatically or will this not ever be possible. I have a Kiwibank account and a BNZ account. Can I exit from Moneymap and keep all my three years of data?

10 December 2012 #

please advise how Moneymap subscribers can achieve this? I assume it means cancelling the money map subscription, resubscribing to Xero Personal via Xero rather than the BNZ (read save yourself $1 per year!) and then re setting the whole thing up so that we can be technically equal. If I’m not mistaken this seems like a very round about way to achieve the end result despite the actual Personal account being exactly the same. I presently have non-BNZ accounts in my Xero Moneymap/Personal account and import manually yet – if I follow the above (assuming my steps are what I need to do) then I’ll retain the account but pick up the bank feeds functionality. Is the restriction because BNZ won’t allow me to? Seems like a rigmarole. Also – again, assuming I need to do what I’ve indicated above – how do I preserve the data already gathered in the past year or so to re-import into the ‘new’ account once it’s activated? Oh – presumably I’ll pick up one month free too as a Xero Personal ‘trial’ customer?!

10 December 2012 #

@Jimmie80 seems ironic that in order to achieve technical equality with “personal” subscribers rather than Money Map subscribers Xero appear to require us to cancel one account and then resignup to another one, er, the same one. Not sure about you – but if this is indeed the requirement, then I hope they don’t mind that I’ll survey the market before I recommit.

Xero – would be great if one didn’t need to do this as a workaround to get to the desired end result…

10 December 2012 #

Everyone gets feeds unless you’re a BNZ Moneymap customer, in which case you can only get BNZ feeds. Even worse, my understanding is that if I cancel Moneymap and sign on for Xero personal, I then won’t be able to get the BNZ feeds. That stinks! What a waste of time – nice work BNZ.

Sara Goepel
10 December 2012 #

@Kirsty, Cameron, Jimmie80, & Shaun- BNZ asked for Yodlee feeds not to be released in MoneyMap, as well as not offering BNZ feeds as part of Xero Personal. This does mean BNZ feeds are only available via MoneyMap and you won’t be able to add feeds from other banks to your account.

@Don- if you like you using CSVs you can continue to do so and not add bank feeds to your accounts.

10 December 2012 #

Time to move the account away from BNZ then I guess. Silly bank!! You still haven’t clarified how we can exit from moneymap, start Xero personal and keep our data

10 December 2012 #

Yep, time to close the BNZ account if they are going to be closed minded. Kirsty’s question is also very relevant.

Sara Goepel
10 December 2012 #

@Kirsty, Nic- Currently, we haven’t developed the capability for customers to migrate their subscription & data from BNZ MoneyMap to a direct Xero Personal subscription. We can raise with the BNZ if there was significant demand for such an option.

10 December 2012 #

Just found ANZ have a card like Global Plus. Has Air NZ points and half the price and earns air points faster. Going to jump in the morning unless I hear something better from BNZ. Will be great to get all accounts on auto feeds. Just painful to have BNZ not joining in.

Heckie Cormack
10 December 2012 #

Pretty gutted to see Natwest but not RBS in the UK when it is essentially the same bank.

10 December 2012 #

@sara goepel – who provides me the service I am paying $60 a year for? Is it Xero or BNZ? Presumably Xero is providing the BNZ an ability to resell their (your?) service? If that’s the case – why are you claiming the BNZ are the ones blocking me (& others) an ability to get the same functionality others get? It just seems like a mickey mouse way to point the finger but not try and figure out a solution. BNZ Money Maps was the big song and dance because it allowed for feeds on personal accounts, and for an extended period was the only bank account allowing for feeds on personal accounts. Now you’ve finally released feeds on some (more) banks for personal accounts, it seems totally contradictory to those early Xero supporters (Money Map subscribers) to deny us the chance to have other accounts fed in as well. As some others have eluded above, and you’ve replied that importing Money Maps data isn’t possible yet – I have some questions:
1) is Money Maps a different technical platform to Xero Personal, or has Xero specifically reduced/applied some limitations (e.g. such as account exports)
2) You state that BNZ requested that Money Maps not allow other banks feeds in, and that BNZ not be a part of Xero Personal bank feeds. Given the reasoning Xero has previously provided seemed to pertain to some sort of exclusivity period that BNZ was granted on the Personal/Money Maps side – why does the BNZ get to dictate what sort of service the end user gets from Xero, just because they bank with the BNZ?
3) If someone like me with BNZ Money Map wishes to see my BNZ personal accounts and other non BNZ personal accounts with bank feeds setup in the Xero Personal platform – what is the way one could achieve this?

11 December 2012 #

This BNZ situation is a mess and I would like to see Xero offer a bit of transparency here.

11 December 2012 #

I can’t see why it is up to BNZ as to whether or not you offer a way for us to keep our data if we want to stay with Xero over BNZ! There must be other reasons that people move banks other than this mess up and I would have thought you would want to find a way to keep customers that have been with Xero Personal since the beginning!!

11 December 2012 #

@Chris, @Kirsty – gotta agree. It seems either really contradictory or Xero are sending plainly mixed messages to Xero MM Subscribers. If anything the ‘rush’ to get Xero Personal bank feeds up and running (aka long delay) might have led to some overlooking of how the existing Xero Personal, sorry I mean Xero MM subscribers (who already enjoyed bank feeds for BNZ) would fare in the new environment. Put short – it’s a mess alright. Rather than being excited about this long overdue development, it seems like a complete shambles and leaves me and I’m sure many others wondering why this wasn’t a prior consideration.

11 December 2012 #

I can see how Xero’s hands are tied with this Money Map issue. I suspect when Xero was a fledgling company needing as much business it could get, it basically got a deal with BNZ to provide a personal budgeting platform (you could say BNZ helped bank-role the development of Xero personal). BNZ want to protect their investment by not allowing other Banks to have automated feeds, but this is kind of counter-intuitive if there is an almost identical product supporting Bank Feeds (but excluding BNZ). I think BNZ needs to pull its head in and just open up it’s version to allow feeds from other Banks (they are getting the revenue for Money Map after all). They could keep the restriction on Xero Personal for BNZ feeds (so users had to use Money Map if they were a BNZ customer – allowing BNZ to get the revenue rather than Xero), but not sure why BNZ are making such restrictions as they are an IPO Shareholder in Xero anyway! But Xero made a huge mistake in sending out the Xero Personal email about feeds to MM customers yesterday.

Carole Unkovich
11 December 2012 #

I have set up the bank feeds for my personal account, joint accounts and visa. How do I set up my husband’s personal account (he has a different sign on to me). I have tried to disconnect both his accounts and set up them but it seems to keep trying to use my log in which isn’t going to work? Is there a way around this? Also, we have two AUS bank accounts will these be supported soon?
Thanks, Carole

11 December 2012 #

according to the current website

“MoneyMap is powered by Xero

Xero Personal is the software behind MoneyMap and we’ve integrated MoneyMap with BNZ Internet Banking. This means you can see your MoneyMap summary graphs as soon as you log into Internet Banking.”

If indeed Xero Personal is the software behind MoneyMap – then I can only assume Xero (whether at BNZs request or not) are blocking the functionality that allows for MM subscribers to bring in feeds from other banks, on the Xero platform. I still haven’t had my queries above answered – but I assume that BNZ has nothing to do with Xero Personal other than being a reseller.

For all my ranting – I just want to know – is there a solution within Xero Personal that allows me to get bank feeds from BNZ and from non BNZ accounts AND keep all the data I’ve gathered through Xero MM thus far?

11 December 2012 #

@Tim just curious – how do you know BNZ get the revenue from MM? If the above website is correct, I can only assume it’s either shared, or BNZ get a cut/commission. It’s not their product – it’s powered by an external company – Xero.

11 December 2012 #

@cameron – they get the revenue as it is the BNZ that I pay my MM fee to (but yes, no doubt a portion of that goes to Xero), as opposed to Xero Personal of which BNZ would definitely get no revenue.

Troy G
11 December 2012 #

@Sara – thanks for the reply – would love to vote, but since I’m not a customer (and there is no value in me joining until multi-currency is supported), I’m afraid I can’t vote. (Though I’m a bit puzzled if there was any migration of the votes, I see over 50 people requesting this feature in the thread, but only 9 votes recorded.) Cheers.

Sara Goepel
12 December 2012 #

@Cameron, Chris, Kirsty, Tim- BNZ MoneyMap technology is provided by Xero, but it is distinct from Xero Personal and is a BNZ product. BNZ has elected not to include Yodlee powered feeds from other banks within MoneyMap nor to extend BNZ direct feeds into Xero Personal. If direct feeds are important to you, we’d encourage you to bank with BNZ and sign up with MoneyMap. Alternatively, if the ability to collate feeds from multiple banks is important, Xero Personal may be the right choice for you. However, under our agreement with BNZ to supply MoneyMap we have chosen not to provide BNZ feeds in Xero Personal at this time. You can export and import transactions from both Xero Personal and BNZ MoneyMap so a migration from one to the other can be achieved, however presently you would need to re-categorise any transactions you imported into the new set of accounts.

@Carole – If you invite your husband into Xero Personal then he should be able to add his own accounts to your shared personal finances. Presently within a set of personal accounts you can’t add the same bank more than once under the same user account. We do offer some AU banks now, but Xero Personal only works for a single currency.

@ Troy G- To vote all you need is a Xero user account. If you sign up for one and then log into the community you will be able to place your votes. Everyone Xero user gets 5 votes and once a feature is completed any vote you had against it is released and you are able to apply the vote to another feature request.

12 December 2012 #

I guess I will stick with manual updating via csv as recategorising 3 years of transactions is too much to think about! Pity I can’t take advantage of this update.

13 December 2012 #

More on the mess between BNZ Money Map and XERO (refer prev blog posts).

XERO is a fantastic product – and XERO Personal extends the reach – however there is a major disconnect between XERO and the BNZ especially if you have personal accounts both with the BNZ and any other bank – whereby you must choose between either BNZ Money Map with only BNZ feeds and then you must either generate a separate XERO Personal account for your ASB etc Feeds – or you manually enter your ASB data into the BNZ Money Map – or you have two accounts, XERO Personal and BNZ Money Map – or vice versa.

As far as I can see – it is BNZ which is the culprit in this instance – as it is predatory and anti-competitive in how it allows both XERO and myself to utilise the BNZ “feeds”.

I have had XERO Business – with my BNZ Business accounts for several years – fantastic.

I have Personal accounts and Credit Cards with BNZ, HSBC, and ASB – I can get some feeds on XERO Personal (but not the BNZ) and I can get the BNZ Feed on BNZ Money Map – but not any other Bank Feeds – so am required to have both XERO Personal and BNZ Money Map – this results in me not being able to see all of my Personal Accounts on any single XERO based platform – and off course pay annual fees to both XERO and the BNZ!!

This is a predatory action, and I think anti-competitive action from the BNZ.

Having said that – it then also becomes a XERO problem and responsibility to sort out this mess.


1. I understand that it is relatively early XERO Personal days – but can you advise me as to when this anti-competitive action regarding the BNZ and XERO will be resolved??

2. Can you also post a list of anticipated dates for each NZ based Bank – as to when you anticipate you will have their respective feed will be available in XERO Personal.

I note that thie list of bank feeds overseas is comprehensive when compared to NZ (via Yodlee etc) however it is important that XERO recognises their home country supporting customers and provides all of these NZ bank feeds asap.

XERO – I look forward to your earliest and comprehensive answers to the above two queries.

Cheers – Trevor

Sara Goepel
13 December 2012 #


1- We are continuing to discuss with the BNZ including Yodlee powered
feeds from other Banks within the MoneyMap product and also the option to
extend the current direct BNZ feeds to be available within Xero
Personal, but we don’t have anything to announce at this stage.

2- The list of NZ banks available now in Xero Personal through Yodlee can
be found in our Community here:

We’ve had ongoing discussions with a number of the major NZ banks around
the opportunity to develop direct feeds from them into Xero Personal. This
is similar to the Xero Business feeds we have in place today, but with the
associated electronic/paperless provisioning which is necessary for a
consumer orientated PFM service. At this stage, we don’t have any of these
discussions advanced to the point that we can announce any firm plans for
more direct feeds from NZ banks.

14 December 2012 #

Well my new ANZ card is in the post and I am closing my BNZ account. Auto bank feeds are just too good to miss out on.

16 December 2012 #

Hmmm… The feeds pull through less data than a CSV import: debit card card number and date plus 10 characters which is not always enough to identify the store etc. Can anything be done about this please?

Scott Barrington
17 December 2012 #

Perfect! Except I need kiwibank (FYI above; their Airpoints Platinum earns slightly more air points then everyone else, A$1 per $90 spent).

I hope kiwibank don’t hold out due to their product…

Jason Serda
17 December 2012 #

Is ANZ Bank Accounts supported, I understand credit cards are no issue but what about bank accounts.

Irvin Jaffe
20 December 2012 #

Good news about the bank feeds. The three MAJOR outstanding issues (in my opinion) include:
1. Ability to set specific begin and end dates in the reports
2. Ability to expand the income and expense categories to see underlying detail
3. Ability to print various reports

Any news of if Xero is working on any of these?

Sara Goepel
21 December 2012 #

@Nigel, unfortunately no we’re unable to get more data than what the feed is showing now

@Jason, yes ANZ bank feeds are available. List of banks can be seen here

@Irvin- definitely check out the Feature requests in our Community and place your votes for these features.

Mike Block CPA
22 December 2012 #

The Xero Personal news probably badly misled 100 users for each one that will accept its limits. Few will want the same rather small banks for checking, savings and credit cards.

28 December 2012 #

What is the process to request a bank to be added to the available feeds? We are looking for two United States banks to be added:

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union
22745 Maple Road
Lexington Park, MD, USA 20653
Phone: (301) 863-7071
Fax: (301) 863-0137

Boeing Helicopters Credit Union
501 Industrial Highway
Ridley Park, PA, USA 19078
Phone: 610-595-2929
Fax: 610-595-2933

Pete Bulley
30 December 2012 #

I have been waiting for Xero Personal to have an iPhone app before starting to use it for PFM (I use it for my business with no complaints), however the feeds excited me and I was keen to sign up and start using it (up until now I haven’t seen much value add to my software based solutions)

Unfortunately I bank with First Direct (from HSBC) and it is not supported in the feeds. Presumably it will be added, but is there any way to find out when?


4 January 2013 #

I am really disappointed. I emailed sales Xero asking if bank feeds for BNZ were available (because for me bank feeds are one of the most important things and a buying reason) and the person answered saying yes. I bought then the subscription and now I can’t set up bank feeds for my BNZ accounts because all this stuff about Xero and Money Map. I tried to contact both departments, Sales and Support, but
nobody has answered yet and I would like to know how I can claim my money back, because as I said, one of the buying reasons was the attractive of having bank feeds like in Xero business.

Can someone from Xero team answer my query please? I want my money back, because one thing is your problem with BNZ but other different is sales advisers lying to potential costumers. If you required the email from the Xero sales person where she clearly says BNZ bank feeds are available, I can provide it.

I appreciate your prompt answer.


Matt Vickers
11 January 2013 #

Hi @Fabio – BNZ feeds are available through BNZ’s MoneyMap product, which is powered by Xero Personal technology. You can sign up for MoneyMap through BNZ online banking.

Alternatively you can use Xero Personal by signing up through your Xero account. BNZ feeds are not supported in Xero Personal, but a number of other NZ banks are available through our integration with Yodlee.

I see that our customer care team has already been in touch regarding this and have cleared this up with you.

12 January 2013 #

Hi, I absolutely love Xero at work, very excited about Xero personal, however to proceed we need feeds for People’s Choice Credit Union (Australia).

Will this be on the cards for Xero personal anytime soon?

24 January 2013 #

I love Xero Personal so much I changed banks yesterday so I could use feeds. Yay for lazyness! haha :)
Although PLEEAAASE Xero could you improve the personal app? I (and I’m betting others!) would be happy to pay a small extra fee for access to a more featured app (don’t forget to include android!)

Thank you for your continued awesomeness at Xero, you’ve made accounting fun – something I thought would be impossible!!

27 January 2013 #

Gotta say, the bank feeds are excellent.. Very nice work!

Out of interest, what is the roadmap for future updates to Xero personal now that the bank feeds are completed? I have noticed a lot of talk about improving the workflow and functionality around savings goals, mortgages, net worth etc, and then of course there is the mobile apps.

Personally I am definitely in favour of an improved savings goals mechanism, as to me this seems to be the weakest link at the moment in terms of a wholistic view of ones financial situation. It would be amazing to be able to have multiple savings goals per account…

Anyway, there is a thread for that, so no point getting too off track here. Really, what i’d like to see is a roadmap :) Any plans?

15 March 2013 #

I would like xero personal to have feeds from worldwide banks, ie us, uk and nz – could be reported in a single currency? Xero is amazing and has done great things – so this should be easy? And why can I not load a feed from a bnz credit card? Your comments will be appreciated.

Sara Goepel
18 March 2013 #

@Jo- We currently don’t support multi currency in Xero Personal. If this is something you’re after be sure to vote for it in the Xero Personal Community feature requests. ( At this stage, BNZ feeds are only available if you’ve signed up directly with BNZ for MoneyMap, which is their branded version of Xero Personal

28 March 2013 #

Hi there, I am set up to receive email alerts each time my internet banking is accessed – do you know with the bank feeds will this trigger an email alert also. This is with Westpac.
Also, when will Kiwibank be onboard with the bank feeds…. it is so much easier when it all happens automatically – love it!
Many thanks,

Nigel Osborne
2 May 2013 #

Can you tell me if “ASB Bank” in your list of available bank feeds includes their subsidiary BankDirect?
If not, any estimates for when it might be included?

Gavin Bottrell
28 May 2013 #


6 July 2013 #

Seven (yes that’s right) 7 months since even a hint of a feature update for Personal users Rod. Embarrassing really for such an innovative company.

Sara Goepel
8 July 2013 #

@Ben, over the past 6 months the Xero Personal team have been up skilling new team members (as others have moved onto other projects) and addressing a number of minor changes and enhancements from a backlog that had developed while working on major features.  As far as new features, we have been working with the mobile team to enable APIs for a new iPhone app (coming soon) and we have been working on some smaller feature/enhancements that are in design/development. These will be coming out over the coming months so be sure to keep an eye on the Xero Personal community for updates

24 August 2013 #

when will you support People’s Choice Credit Union bank feeds?

29 August 2013 #

Also very keen to see People’s Choice Credit Union on the list!

29 March 2014 #

Plus 1 for People’s Choice Credit Union bank feeds

Michael Davis
7 April 2014 #

Regarding People’s Choice – I do not believe this is something Xero can make happen. It is up to People’s Choice. I have contacted People’s Choice numerous times over the past 1.5 years to ask them what they are doing about this. Never received a response. I have a few clients with PC and we simply export the file to CSV and import it into Xero 1-2 times a month. Not ideal given how great Xero Bank Feeds are, but its a work around until People’s Choice get up with the times.

26 September 2014 #

Could you tell me what time in the morning that Kiwi Bank will put through their Bank Feeds?

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