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Answering the straight-forward questions

Posted 6 years ago in Xero news by Marina Holmes
Posted by Marina Holmes

As might be expected following our listing on the ASX in November, we’ve seen significantly increased interest from the Australian business media in how Xero is going in the lucky country.

In this recent example, our Australian Managing Director Chris Ridd appeared on Sky Business, where the focus was on Xero’s strategy in the Australian market and where the presenter challenged him to explain the cloud in language a broad audience can understand.

The interview started off in classic Australian straight-up style – “What makes you think you can win business and customers here, when MYOB for a start is a pretty entrenched market product?”

Chris was able to bring in the bigger picture of the cloud as a critical incoming technology, and benefits that arise from a software company having had a fresh start rather than trying to “bolt on” cloud or cloud-enable a desktop product.

“We’ve come in with a very different way of doing things and that is the ability for small business owners and accountants to connect by the cloud – putting financial data into the cloud means they are able to work more efficiently together.”

He was also able to bring in the benefits of being pure cloud, with the single ledger, where the data does not exist in duplicate. “It means for the small business owner they don’t have to manage software and … the fact you can get access to all of the applications from any device – anywhere, anytime. You can have multiple people accessing that application. You can open it up to other developers to connect in.”

The video has more about the benefits of Xero and the cloud and how we are taking on a market dominated by desktop software providers – how customers want innovation and simplicity and how Xero is delivering it.



Lance Wiggs
December 6, 2012 at 4.02 pm

Disappointing. Rather than getting trapped into talking about “cloud” (and then admitting later that MYOB has a cloud product), why not come out hitting with your real advantages:

1: Xero really delightful to use – our users smile while doing accounting.
2: You, your accountant, finance manager and staff can use Xero at the same time – from different places. Staff can load expenses directly themselves.
3: Accountants love Xero – it helps them help clients rather than do bookkeepping.
then 4: Xero links with a huge number of other products – from inventory to payroll, and time management to retail points of sale. And the list just keeps getting bigger as we collectively build the ecosystem.

Repeat ad nauseum.

December 6, 2012 at 5.51 pm

Great interview Chris

December 6, 2012 at 6.32 pm

Agreed Lance.

I think one of the best features of Xero is the scalability and simplicity of integrating other products. One of the limitations of the traditional local software installations is the add-ons are very limited, are often very painful to get working and then there’s the ongoing support and management of them. Not to mention the additional hardware requirements etc.

The obvious benefits of the cloud, work anywhere any time. All your staff on the road can have access to the system without the normal issues with traditional remote access. Scalability to grow with your business, quickly and without expensive hardware upgrades.

If all else fails there’s always the fact that MYOB runs like an absolute pig across a network!

Gayle Buchanan
December 6, 2012 at 8.32 pm

Oh come on … who was listening? From a Chics point of view – Chris – you rocked!

Jon Jenkins
December 7, 2012 at 1.41 am

I thought Chris came across well and I’m glad to see Xero getting some air time – shame it’s not currently the same in the UK as there it great growth potential here as well.

Bruce Campbell
December 7, 2012 at 10.26 am

I have tried to work with MYOB but it is a real pain to set up and use.
Xero on the other hand is like a dream come true.
Xero has been a real godsend for our small business; it rocks!!!

December 20, 2012 at 10.52 am

Xero is an excellent accounting solution and the addition of CRM makes it a complete package as a multi user , any where / any time product. Glad to see it getting some great Airplay.

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