Design methodology under the Long White Creative Cloud

It was our pleasure to host the inaugural Long White Creative Cloud event at the Auckland office yesterday. We had an amazing response from WorkflowMax and Xero creative industry clients with close to a hundred inspired, creative-minded souls packing into our theatre, some from as far afield as Christchurch.

Earl Tipene from Adobe introduced the new Cloud services suite, highlighting the transition that one of the world’s largest boxed software vendors is making towards a cloud focused model. Their new monthly pricing model is hugely compelling. Following Earl, Daniel Scott from BYOL discussed some of the awesome features available in the cloud services suite and the benefits to creative businesses.

The main speaker was our very own Philip Fierlinger, who brought a depth of insight into the processes that the Xero design team use to create undeniably beautiful software, and how that same philosophy is now being applied to the WorkflowMax user interface rewrite.

The attendees gained some valuable practical appreciation of our design methodology, with some of the more interesting remarks afterwards paralleling the Xero software design process, for example a product design engineer who always “fakes it before he makes it” with clay models mimicked by wood, then plastic moulds before finally taking it to the factory floor.

We were absolutely thrilled by the support in the creative community and we hope that we can do more of these events globally. We will have a full recording of Philip’s presentation available for viewing in the next two weeks so keep an eye out for it.



December 17, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Great to see how you operate Xero team!

Really keen to see this:

“We will have a full recording of Philip’s presentation available for viewing in the next two weeks so keep an eye out for it.”


January 2, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Any news on when the video is going up? Nearly 6 weeks now Xero team…

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