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Checkfront – online bookings for hospitality, tours and activities

Checkfront Add-on Partner

Checkfront helps businesses manage their inventories, centralize reservations and process payments online. Checkfront has a flexible pricing, rates and rules engine which makes it ideal for accommodation and other tourism related providers. Its detailed reporting gives you instant views of your bookings, customers and availability. There are plugins for many popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal that let you take bookings from your own website.

Who is it for?

Checkfront is suited to any business that needs to take bookings in real time such as hospitality, accommodation, tour and activity providers. For more of an insight into businesses using Checkfront, check out their customer reviews.

How Checkfront works with Xero

Checkfront creates an invoice in Xero when a booking is made in Checkfront, and also applies a payment to the invoice to mark it paid if payment has been received in Checkfront. This keeps customers, sales and payments in sync between the two systems.

Where you can use Checkfront

Checkfront can be used anywhere and pricing is available in your local currency. To use the Xero integration, you will need the ‘Professional’ plan or higher.

Check it out

Checkfront have a 21 day trial on any plan so check out Checkfront!


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Cheryl Drought
15 November 2012 #

Hi there, I run a B&B as well as being an Accountant using Xero. I am looking at your product and how it might work for me and potentially accounting clients of mine. We currently use Seekom as a channel management system. This system creates the invoice and manages the inventory. Just watched your video and my question is – how does it integrate with booking partners such as,, … in so much as some of them receipt payment and then pay once the guest has stayed, some of them we collect the $$, some of them pay us after deducting their commission. This is all very manual for me at the moment and I am certainly interested in how it could be better managed. I don’t want to do the trial as it would mean moving everything over so would need to make sure it is as good as Seekom before I do anything like that. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Morehouse
15 November 2012 #

Hi Cheryl,

Checkfront handles inventory management, self service bookings and payments. Our system tracks the booking and transaction separately. Revenue is realized in the system when the payment is settled to you vs when the booking is created, started or completed. Manual payments can also be handled and tracked in the system.

Checkfront is not a GDS system. Although we have an extensive and open API, we do not directly interface with wotif, etc at this time.

Our trial is free and requires no commitment. We also add in an extra 30 day money back guarantee should you choose to move forward with a subscription. You wouldn’t need to worry about moving anything over from your existing system unless you were completely confident there was a good fit.

Please feel free to give it a try and let us know how it goes or if you have any questions.


17 November 2012 #

Am testing the Checkfront program and its interface with XERO. I am an accountant who is using XERO now on a daily basis for a variety of clients. In test mode the interface with XERO worked OK but then today the invoices are not being pushed auto into XERO etc. Coming up with a variety of error messages listed in the LOG function. Has this integration with XERO gone well since it started? are quite a few people using Checkfront now using the interface? Problems? Am thinking of Checkfront for a travel company that I advise for.


Jason Morehouse
6 April 2013 #

Hi Stephen,

We’ve made an update recently that allows you to specify different account codes per item in Checkfront, and also recently added better support for inclusive taxes. See:


Marion B
9 April 2013 #

We’ve been using Checkfront for our bookings and Xero for accounting since the new year and it’s really cut down on our administration. THANK YOU on both sides!

We’ve LOVE it if refunds in Checkfront updated payments in Xero, as these still need to be done manually. We’re told this is a limitation in the Xero API? Any idea when this may be possible?

Ronan Quirke
9 April 2013 #

@Marion – lovely to hear from a happy user. The Checkfront team do need us to do some additional development to support refunds, this is very close to the top of our list.

Greg Ramsay
11 June 2014 #

G’day Ronan, if we went with CheckFront what are the options for linking with wotif etc. and also can we create individual room accounts which guests can charge food, drink, golf, hire etc. onto their room account? All best, Greg Australia’s Oldest Golf Course, Tasmania’s Warmest Welcome

Ronan Quirke
11 June 2014 #

@Greg – that is a question the Checkfront team are best placed to answer. Drop a line to and I am sure they will follow up quickly.

James Hayes
5 September 2014 #

Has anyone managed to get checkfront and xero to handle advance bookings (deferred income) automating the release to the p&l when the booking is satisfied ?

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