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Accountants helping accountants

There’s a great scene in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness where a successful trader pulls up in his Ferrari. Down-and-out Will Smith, admiring the car, exclaims “Whoo man. I got two questions for you. What do you do, and how do you do it?”

Successful Xero Platinum Partner, Dave Jessep from DJCA, has teamed up with industry expert Viv Brownrigg from the Accountant’s RePublic, to answer these questions for accountants in New Zealand.

The two day workshop uncovers how Dave created his $1.4M practice in just two years. He’ll share everything from the strategy, marketing, service bundles, execution, client delivery and more.

“We’ve been through the hard yards over the last few years, completely reshaping and rebranding DJCA to become a modern practice. Accountants all have different strengths to offer, so why not collaborate and share in the success”

Dave Jessep

Find out more about the workshop.

It’s cool to see the early adopters in the profession becoming mentors to their peers and sharing their knowledge and experience. The IP this group has created through moving to the cloud is hugely valuable to firms wanting to catch up fast.

This is an example of the Xero ecosystem in action – benefiting from a diverse range of accountants, bookkeepers, small businesses, software vendors and service providers. As connections between these parties continue to evolve, the result is a stronger SME sector – which has to be good for the economy.


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Jerry Zhao
2 November 2012 #

love this idea! together we can just achieve so much more!

Gayle Buchanan
2 November 2012 #

super cool, see you all there!

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