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New video by Adam Lisagor

Posted 6 years ago in Xero news by Philip Fierlinger

We’re very proud to present a new video, directed by Adam Lisagor.

It’s featured on our new homepage. Please have a look.

Adam Lisagor makes the best online promo videos in the business.

One reason he’s the best: he’s choosy about his clients. He makes sure his clients deliver fantastic products that people love. His videos for AirBnb, Square, Flipboard, Rdio, Zipcar among so many others, are renowned for being as innovative as the products and companies they promote.

Earlier this year I met with Adam, his co-director JP Bolles, and the rest of the Sandwich Video team in LA to work on initial concepts. Since then we’ve collaborated online throughout the entire project, including casting calls between Hollywood and “Welllywood”.

Watch your back, Peter Jackson. Xero might steal your movie making spotlight!

Or not. A video about accounting software isn’t exactly typical Oscar contending material. And that was a big challenge when we approached Adam: help us tell a great story about business and accounting that doesn’t put people to sleep.

Early on, this is how Adam described Xero and what he wanted to focus on:

Xero is fun to use (a rarity in the category), everyone I need to share it with can connect at once (a near impossibility in the category at this scale), and it’s pretty (a monumental triumph in the category)

Fair enough. But how does that translate into a story?

Here’s the opening line from Adam’s original treatment…

This is the story of a young man with a business, a tree and a dream.

And it ends on…

It’s a warm, platonic love as only a young treehouse architect can
have for the software that helps make building a business fun.

Our team was smiling from ear to ear reading it. You can read the full treatment here. Then watch the video again.

We think the video perfectly captures the magic of Xero, showing how nice and easy it is to collaborate on your business with your partners and advisors. It beautifully shows how transactions automagically appear from your bank and match up with your invoices – just a simple tap to reconcile. Even customers can pay you online with a simple tap. It shows you can work when and where you want, while having complete access to all the latest numbers.

Great work Adam and everyone at Sandwich Video. It’s been a pleasure doing business.


Karen Thompson
October 23, 2012 at 9.26 am

WOW…love it..I love marketing that thinks outside of the ordinary

Andrew Haynes
October 23, 2012 at 9.30 am

Wow! It’s fantastic, inspired a little by Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom?

James R
October 23, 2012 at 4.48 pm

Charles Green is awesome.

denis breen
October 25, 2012 at 10.52 am

does the video use flash, can’t seem to play it on ipad when embedded ?
btw great video, really gets across the value of Xero.

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