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CustomerSure – customer feedback simplified

Posted 6 years ago in Platform by Ronan Quirke
Posted by Ronan Quirke
CustomerSure Add-on Partner

CustomerSure makes it easy for your customers to give valuable feedback on your products or services. CustomerSure has developed tools for you to collect and manage that feedback, whether it’s suggestions, requests or complaints, and the reporting and analysis help you track how you are handling them.

Who is it for?

CustomerSure can be used with any Xero business that sends invoices to customers. To get the most out of CustomerSure of course, you will need to have email addresses for these customers.

How CustomerSure works with Xero

CustomerSure checks for invoices in your Xero organisation that have been marked as sent (or for invoices coming in from other integrations, invoices that have been marked as paid) and automatically creates a satisfaction check.

Where you can use CustomerSure

CustomerSure is available for use anywhere in the world. Pricing is available in US, NZ & Australian dollars, and Sterling.

Check it out

CustomerSure have a special Xero plan and pricing, as well as a free 14 day trial.


Toni Miller
October 10, 2012 at 11.41 am

I have recently converted from MYOB and would really like to be able to change the final charge price in the far right hand column so that Xero calculates what percentage discount applies when the change is made. It is really frustrating trying to calculate the percentage to get to the right figure in this collumn. MYOB has this feature and its a good one.

Ronan Quirke Xero
October 10, 2012 at 12.47 pm

@Toni, welcome! This isn’t the best place to raise a request like that, though we do appreciate feedback. Our feature request forum is a great place to share your idea and pick up tips from other users:

Stephen Paul
October 10, 2012 at 5.58 pm

Valued accountancy introduced customer sure into our business in July and the results have been fantastic

I honestly believe it had made us closer to our clients as they automatically get a email survey three days after we have raised a invoice through xero without me having to do anything, this has led to us receiving regular feedback rather then waiting till we send a full client survey out once a year

The software makes the process so easy but more important it lets us know what we are doing right or wrong straight away so this reduces the risk of us losing a client

We ask to testimonials and referrals and customer sure helps us to get both for that part alone the software has paid for itself many times over

We publish all of our feedback regardless of what it is on our website and this helps potential clients know what others think of it, a great feature

I truly believe that xero was the best bit of software I invested in last year and customer sure is the best and most important for this year

Keep up the great work

Jerry Zhao
October 11, 2012 at 10.39 am

Thanks Stephen for sharing! I think it is the way we are going to… in the next 4 weeks time. “Too busy” just won’t be a good excuse any more. I need to know if my team can maintain the service quality…

Chris Stainthorpe
October 11, 2012 at 10.32 pm

Cheers for the write-up, Ronan – and cheers for the kind words, Stephen. 🙂

I just want to stress that because our business is Customer Service, we aim to deliver the best possible customer service to our own customers. Jerry, thanks for your interest. If you or anyone else reading this post would like to get in touch with us to discuss the software – how it works, how it delivers benefit to your business, and how best to get started with it, please get in touch:


Gillian Rossouw
October 16, 2012 at 1.16 am

@Ronan thanks for posting recent blog. Tremendous to have access to yet another affordable and cool Add On to use. Am up and running, colour coded, logo uploaded surveys already sent out. Too easy, love it!

Ronan Quirke Xero
October 16, 2012 at 12.18 pm

Great stuff @Gillian! hard to believe our top bookkeeper will get anything but great feedback, but be sure to report back – sounds like CustomerSure might be a great tool for our advisors.

Sue-Ellen Lay
March 1, 2013 at 8.42 pm

So far changing to xero has been disappointing and I havent even started using your product! 11 days ago I signed up and submitted a MYOB file for conversion. This still isnt done and we were told it would be 3 days. And I have to chase and chase and chase to get an update. Nothing has been delivered on time and no one calls me back when they say they will.
To be honest, this is the worst customer service I have ever received. If xero is this lazy at the beginning I dread to see what it’ll be like going forward.

Ronan Quirke Xero
March 4, 2013 at 1.04 pm

@Sue-Ellen, it isn’t very helpful to others when people post unrelated comments on our blog as it takes away from the company we are talking about here, but I appreciate you were doing it as a cry for help.

I understand both Marina and Mark from our Australian team have been in contact with you, trying to get you up and running with your conversion – can you check your voicemail as I believe Mark has left messages? Alternatively drop a line to with the best way to contact you and we can get you up and running as soon as we can.

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