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Xero API Developer of the year – nominations open

We think it is time we recognised the individual developers that use the Xero API through a global award for Xero API Developer of the year.

At every Xerocon event, there are awards for the Add-on partners that are doing great things for the Add-on ecosystem in each country.

But away from the spotlight of Xerocon, there is a whole other ecosystem of individual developers quietly working away, using our API for a variety of different purposes: developing applications, undertaking custom integration work, or connecting their existing systems themselves.

We now have well in excess of 1,000 custom integrations that connect to Xero. These integrations are exactly what we love at Xero: they allow businesses to work smarter and faster, leaving the accounting and movement of data to be a background task so Xero customers can get on with running their business.

In addition to connecting to Xero, developers are contributing code, sharing feedback and helping each other out in our Developer forum, and giving us ideas as to what the API team should work on next.

It is important to us that we recognise the contribution these developers make to the API developer community, so we have decided to create an annual award for Xero API developer of the year, recognising a developer that has stood out for their contribution to the Xero API.

Over the next two months we will be gathering feedback and making a shortlist of developers, announcing the winner in mid November.

If you have anyone you would like to nominate, or you have been working on something interesting yourself, leave a comment and tell us about it – nominations are now open!


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Peter Connell
11 September 2012 #

Simply awesome integration from the very unique CallPro CRM. Sales, cash collections and marketing – it’s all covered!

Dave Birch
11 September 2012 #

We’ve worked closely with Nathan & Richard at 3Bit as we develop Have found to be good guys, committed to Xero and clever developers.

Amy Holdsworth
11 September 2012 #

Nick Beaugeard and his team at HubOne for developing and creating the Modern Practice portal interlinking Xero and WorkflowMax with emails for a seamless and intelligent Document Management system.

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Scott Ryburn
13 September 2012 #

Thorsten Boettger for his awesome work enhancing Sharesight’s integration with Xero this year

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