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Payroll updates for Australia

Xero has really taken off in Australia since we included full-blown payroll for Australian users in May. Since then we’ve had more than 7,000 businesses take advantage of it. There are a few little gems in this release based on feedback from our growing user base.

Multiple draft Pay Runs

If you’re using multiple payroll calendars you can now have a draft pay run open for each of them at the same time. This is perfect for those of you who have staff paid on different time frequencies.

Multiple draft Pay Runs

Updates to Payslips

We’ve taken the first step towards making Payslips more configurable by letting you decide whether employment basis and annual salary details appear. This is currently at an organization level and we’re working on letting you configure them per employee.

New superannuation contribution type

We’ve also added a new Employer Contribution (RESC) superannuation type that lets you provide a contribution in addition to the employee’s earnings without having to first increase their earnings – much easier! There are now 4 superannuation contribution types.

  • Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC) – abbreviated as “SGC”
  • Additional Employer Contribution (RESC) – abbreviated as “Employer Additional”
  • Pre-Tax Voluntary Contribution (RESC) – abbreviated as “Salary Sacrifice”
  • Post-Tax Voluntary Contribution (Employee) – abbreviated as “Employee”

Coming up

We’re now working hard on timesheets for employees along with a new reporting framework that will give you a bunch more payroll reports. Better still, they’ll look just like the beautiful reports you know and love in the rest of Xero.

As always, love to hear what you think of these updates either here or over on Xero Community.


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Nigel Tooth
3 September 2012 #

Need to have an option there to know who has their payslips emailed and to print out.

Exito Group
3 September 2012 #

We switched to Xero about a month ago from MYOB and we’re really impressed by the layout and user friendliness of Xero. Well done for developing such a great product.
We’ve been passing it on to fellow business people and have noticed that 5 or 6 of the people we’ve told have switched over already. Cheers, Simon

Guy Pearson
3 September 2012 #

@Stuart thanks for the update.

I’m sure we aren’t the only ones hanging out for timesheets!

Multiple Pay Runs is a nice touch too.

On fields shown on a payslip, is there any chance we will just be able to edit fields, labels and whether or not they are shown in the future?

Hope you’re enjoying San Francisco!

– G

Lorna Want
3 September 2012 #

Hi Team

Im just wondering if there is or is going to be a “clock in, clock out” (bundy clock) facility within the payroll system? Currently we are paying another online company for the use of this facility and would love to see it incorporated within Xero so that all payroll aspects are together.


Leanne Beasley
3 September 2012 #

Timesheets will great!

Jonothan Caelli
3 September 2012 #

Timesheets and expenses allocated to jobs and all the usual reports with profit and loss for each job.

3 September 2012 #

Need the xero program to display item descriptions in drop down box like the app does,

Standard access level for employees does not yet allow invoicing, so my workers can see the bank accounts

Gillian Rossouw
3 September 2012 #

Hi Stu – thanks for adding the feature Employer Additional Super noticed this over the weekend awesome team. For those late lodgements of Annual Payment Summaries Xero Payroll’s “EMPDUPE” file works perfectly thru 3rd Party. Quick, slick and beautiful payroll. Could not be happier

3 September 2012 #

Great progress!

We have jumped onto deputy to feed timesheets, I would like the ability to lock them but still show employees – i.e allow the API and admin’s to feed the timesheet from Deputy and the employees have to go back and fix/query in Deputy so we only have one single point of entry.

I would love to still put say 100 char description in the period box – see my community feature request

Nick Riley
3 September 2012 #

Any eta on API access for Pay Roll?

Looking forward to be able to display who’s on leave and who’s coming up for leave on our Intranet!

3 September 2012 #

It would be a lot easier and save a few extra steps if we could process the pay run and create the draft payable invoices in one click please

Nick Hazel
3 September 2012 #

i agree, a ‘payslip sent’ feature would be helpful!

looking forward to improved timesheets!

Olivia Burton
3 September 2012 #

Gillian Rossouw mentions EMDUPE file works through third party?
I’d love more information on how to do this – is third party an add on – I can’t figure out how to create an emdupe file in Xero.

3 September 2012 #

Multiple payruns is a great idea!

Would also like to see a “clock in, clock out” (bundy clock) facility. :-)

3 September 2012 #

the fact that employees with lower access privedges can still see the payroll (invoices) amounts are still a concern, this needs attention fast before we can even use the payroll facility.

Ronan Quirke
3 September 2012 #

@Nick Riley: Payroll API timeframe is first quarter next year. Be sure to vote here so you get notified when we progress this further:

@Greg thanks for that feedback too, Deputy’s integration should be improved when we build out the new payroll API functionality.

John Hall
3 September 2012 #

I love Payroll but as a previous user of Payrun, there is one area where the software has gone backwards. I pay my staff individually by bank transfer. When using Payrun, finalising a payrun resulted in individual payments being transferred to the accounts payable queue. Now I have to enter the part payments manually in order to reconcile. Can this be improved please.

Peta Wallace
3 September 2012 #

@Olivia Burton: You can download your EMPDUPE file by going to Payroll > Employees > Payment Summaries > Export. As of today, Xero Payroll’s financial year has been rolled forward to 2013. If you need your 2012 EMPDUPE file, send a request to, and we can produce the file for you.

Jenny Callaghan
3 September 2012 #

We would love to be able to have employees enter their timesheets directly for approval- is there a timeframe for this feature? Are there any add on partners at the moment that allow timesheets to be automatically fed through to Xero

Gillian Rossouw
4 September 2012 #

@Olivia re EMPDUPE files send me your email will forward you details

4 September 2012 #

I would love to see the ability for all employees to automatically come up in each pay run rather then going into each employees tab and selecting the pay period.
In the pay run you could just merely select the employees you want included.

4 September 2012 #

Time sheets would be great

Stuart McLeod
5 September 2012 #

@Lorna, there’s no plans to integrate with a bundy clock solution at this stage. However as @Ronan said, Payroll API timeframe is first quarter next year and those solution providers would be free to integrate to payroll timesheets.

@Jonothan, you can do that at the moment using employee groups. When posting an payroll invoice with employees allocated to groups, the tracking will flow through to the GL.

@Greg, I’ve updated the community forum. See what you think.

@James & @John & @Bruno, we’re looking at how the GL integration can work a whole lot better, so we probably won’t be making changes here until we review that and come up with a much better solution that will most likely cover all those aspects.

@Daniela, that sounds odd. Have you added all your employees to the one pay run calendar?

@Jenny, timesheets for employees is being worked on at the moment, so hopefully just a few more months.

Margaret Carey
5 September 2012 #

I would really love it if Posting the payrun – it went straight through into the accounts – no Draft Invoice to be Approved and Paid

5 September 2012 #

@Margaret – Me too! The whole approval thing is a little frustrating. Especially in a program targeted at small business – which usually means only 1 to 3 office staff. This feature would more lend itself to a larger corporation where you require approvals as an everyday feature in order to keep track of what’s being paid and invoiced etc

Debbie Fraser
6 September 2012 #

I too would love to see the payroll invoice go straight to invoice & employees have the ability to enter their timesheets.

Also would like to see ability to print remittance advices for cheques & eft payments
Really missing that feature from other accounting packages

7 September 2012 #

I really do not understand why an invoice is created for payroll – it is very strange

7 September 2012 #

Yay employee time sheets!
That is good news indeed.

29 May 2013 #

Has anyone had to deal with the Maximum Super Contribution Base in Xero. The employee needs to stay under the contributions cap and Xero doesn’t seem to recognise that and keeps paying 9% SGC. It has a minimum so unsure why it doesn’t have a maximum. I’ve tried inputting super as a fixed amount but it says i need the 9% option

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