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Making conversions easier

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Since we first raised the opportunity of developing services that make it easy to switch from other accounting applications to Xero towards the end of last year, there has been a lot of progress to report.

There are already four Add-on conversion services for Xero that we have certified and promote, covering all the popular accounting systems that customers moving to Xero might wish to convert from.

Click2Convert XpressConvert

As these services have been developing, we have been taking feedback from developers, accountants and end users on what we can do to streamline this process further.

The API team have just released the first version of our XML file import tool for speedy importing of setup & conversion data.

This is a great opportunity for developers that are knowledgeable with desktop accounting systems and have the know-how to extract data, provide tidy up tools and translate the data into the Xero XML File Import format ready for importing into new Xero organisations.

Accountants and bookkeepers
We’ve also recently improved the csv file imports we offer to make it easier for accounting partners to import conversion balances. Read our developer center article to learn more about what data can be imported into Xero using a variety of methods.

Conversion Services
Our new Xero Add-on Conversion Services Partner program has a qualifying criteria that the offering needs be a full service. The service must also have the involvement of at least one person who is Xero certified or be delivered by a certified Xero accounting or bookkeeping partner.

We are excited about supporting conversion partners that wish to work with us. Let us know what else we can do to help people switch to Xero.


Gayle Buchanan
September 25, 2012 at 5.26 pm

OK, my heads fried – thank you conversion services – will keep this blog to show customers how much work is involved if they want to DIY – you guys are awesome!

Mike Block CPA
September 26, 2012 at 9.46 am

Fantastic!! As a CPA who once did heavy programming, I would love to assist any user or developer with conversion services and related programming.

Mike Block CPA
September 26, 2012 at 10.02 am

When might we get XML EXports to make setting up other XML imports easier, for the same or different clients?

When might you expand this to let XML imports create Rules?

Ronan Quirke Xero
September 26, 2012 at 1.54 pm

@Gayle – yes, lots of different options. Hopefully not too overwhelming and provides options for lots of different user types 🙂

@Mike – our focus for the next quarter is to continue development of the all the basics needed to get a new organisation setup in Xero with the current transactional data, opening balances & settings etc.

The XML import can only leverage off existing Xero functionality, so unless importing/exporting of rules is made available within the application, we could not support it within the XML import.

Continuing to develop this for importing is the current focus, but it certainly does open up the possibility of using it for exports & imports later.

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