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iOS 6

Apple released the latest version of their iOS operating system yesterday – there’s a few exciting additions – I like the VIP inbox, which lets me easily surface mail from my wife, our CEO, and my trouble-maker friends. iOS 6 Maps has been an interesting change for Apple to make – the street that Xero HQ is on in Wellington has disappeared – hopefully to return very soon. We’re very keen to see how Passbook evolves.

Unfortunately, iOS 6 appears to have caused some problems with the most recent version of Xero Touch, which is affecting access via the iOS app and via the browser. We’ll be submitting an upgrade to fix the problem as soon as we can and it will be available as soon as Apple approves it.

UPDATE: The problem is now resolved. iOS 6 unexpectedly changed the behaviour of its browser. In short – this caused things to break quite badly. We were able to do an update that didn’t require a release to the App Store, but if you experienced problems with the Xero Touch app in the last 36 hours, you may need to reinstall Xero Touch to resolve the issue.  If you haven’t updated to iOS 6 yet – thankfully you should have no problems with Xero Touch when you do.


Meanwhile, we are coming to the end of testing our Android release for Xero Touch, and we aim to have it in the Google Play App Store within the next few weeks. It’s been an interesting experience creating an Android app for the first time, a lot of lessons have been learned, not the least of which is that different combinations of hardware, OS versions and browser can result in a markedly different experience – and some very tricky device-specific bugs. Developing for Android is certainly not yet the polished experience that iOS development is.

We have something that’ll work on most devices from 2.3 upwards, and have tested on as many devices as we could get our hands on. Our aim is that if you have a popular, modern handset, such as a Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3, a Google Nexus or an HTC Sensation, Xero Touch for Android should work well for you.

Thank you for being patient with us.


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Cairn Emmerson
21 September 2012 #

Well done for being so speedy. :)

Veronica Wilson
22 September 2012 #

Can’t wait to try out the Android version…

23 September 2012 #

Well done, hopefully can support Samsung TAB2

24 September 2012 #

Really looking forward to this.

Daemon Singer
24 September 2012 #

I would be happy if I can just do invoicing, the rest can wait till I get home.

David Cowell
26 September 2012 #

I hope taking photos and uploading expense claims will be included in the android app

Matt Vickers
26 September 2012 #

Hi @David, our intention is that the Android app will have all the features of the iOS app.

28 September 2012 #

Let me guess – still no Xero app for Personal version? Your Personal product really is a very poor excuse for a product. If only was available outside the US.

Matt Vickers
28 September 2012 #

Hi @Ben, the mobile team has been very focussed on the Android release but Xero Personal is coming under renewed focus. We’re looking forward to introducing bank feeds to Xero Personal by the end of the year, and are currently examining how we start to evolve Xero Personal for mobile and touch. If there are particular features you’d like to see in a mobile version of Xero Personal, there’s an ongoing thread in Xero Community that you can contribute your ideas to.

1 October 2012 #

When can we expect to see a Windows Phone app?

Matt Vickers
1 October 2012 #

Hi @Chris, good question – we don’t yet have any firm plans to support Windows Phone but it’s on our radar, Microsoft has done a great job with the Windows Phone UI. We’ll see how the Android release goes and then review whether we want to support additional platforms.

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