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Speeding up support

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Duncan Ritchie
Posted by Duncan Ritchie

In July you may have read how we have extended support hours across multiple time zones and made improvements to support queues.

Giving us more information up front can also reduce the turnaround time on your support tickets.

Ideally what we need is:

  • What is happening?
  • Which organisation(s) are impacted?
  • Where in the application you were?
  • Any available related screenshots.

Here are some other tips as well:

  • Use the Contact Support option in the application rather than email. Tickets raised within the application contain a lot more really useful information, which can help with more timely resolution of your issue.  Immediately we know the product edition of the organization, your role and the features you have access to as well as the system & browser that you are using to access Xero.  We do not have access to your financial information without your express permission.
  • Invite Xero Customer Care into your organization view before raising the ticket. If we, or the development team, need to take a look then we will need that authority.
  • Raise a new ticket for each separate issue. Don’t reply to an old one on a different topic. Replying will send it to a specific person already assigned to that ticket, where a new ticket will go to the first available person able to help from our growing worldwide team.
  • If it is really urgent, don’t hesitate to tick the “Urgent” box under the Contact Support Help dropdown menu.

So next time you need us, keep these tips in mind! In the meantime we’ll keep thinking of ways to further improve our service.


Kirsten Hawke
August 14, 2012 at 4.37 pm

Thanks for the update – I always find your support very prompt and helpful

Gayle Buchanan
August 14, 2012 at 5.07 pm

Ditto Kristen, support are incredibly helpful and always so positive – we are very fortunate to have such lovely people to help us through customer enquiries – thanks team

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