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Promoting on the web the Interactive way

Media placement as part of the marketing mix is facing a real shake up. The traditional models that for years have been prohibitive for small businesses to even consider are now being challenged. The accessibility and affordability to create beautiful content and place it on “non-traditional” channels is on the increase.

Video is a great example and we’ve been doing it since day dot at Xero. So it brightens our day to see beautiful examples like this video from one of our top Australian partners, Interactive Accounting  – check it out:

We love this video for so many reasons:

  1. We had nothing to do with it – yet they are providing value to us and to their customer.  What a nice way to market. And in turn – we circulate. Clever.
  2. It gets across sophisticated messages in a clear way. Like the power of the add-on ecosystem.
  3. It’s clever persona based marketing. Real people telling their story in an aspirational way.
  4. It’s international.  Interactive Accounting think big. They are motivating others to think global.
  5. The clever casual script and use of language is done just right to show how much the accounting industry is changing

So very nice work Interactive Accounting and such a great message for the accounting industry.


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Lisa Callaghan
7 August 2012 #

Thanks Paula for all the compliments in your blog, we are so exciting by the end result and amazed at how many people have watched the video over the past two weeks. Cheers Lisa

7 August 2012 #

Is communication via hologram included in the initial package or is it an add-on? ;-)

7 August 2012 #

I love this video. I take a lot of inspiration out of how the guys and guys at Interactive market themselves and try to implement this in my own firm. Keep up the good work.

Guy Pearson
7 August 2012 #

@Phil, it comes standard of course, but, we’re still in Beta testing on that feature….

7 August 2012 #

Hi team, thanks for putting this out there – great to be a part of and awesome to hear the good response it’s had for you!

8 August 2012 #

No to mention they use the word, ‘sh**tload’. You never see that sort of thing in the US, let alone from an accountant. We’re too sheltered. But this, this is refreshing. Really drives the message home.

Guy Pearson
9 August 2012 #

@Brad – Thanks for the support. I’ll be in NZ shortly, let’s grab a coffee.

@Duncan – you’re a star, a gentlemen and a scholar. Thanks for your help with the vid mate. Everyone else. Helicopter Banners… get on it

@Roger – We are here to shake things up and cut the sh*t… so, why not say it?

Thanks for all the comments :)

Earl Rudolfo
19 August 2012 #

Nice work, Guy and the Interactive team.

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