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Xero acquires Spotlight Workpapers

We were thrilled to announce at XeroCon this morning that the team from Spotlight is joining Xero.

Workpapers has been developed over the past 12 months to work specifically with Xero. It enables year-end compliance to be streamlined through avoiding paper processes and use of spreadsheets.

Workpapers continues our strategy of providing a compelling platform for Accountants and Bookkeepers. We’ve been very impressed with the feedback the Workpapers team have received and clear signals from our Accounting Partners that we should add Workpapers to our stable

Workpapers is in beta use by over 100 Accounting and Bookkeeping Partners. We’ll continue to build out the functionality and scalability of the software and release it under the Xero brand in March 2013 for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Congratulations to Richard and Julie Francis who will continue to be involved in product development and operation of the software.

You can read the full market release here.


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Gayle Buchanan
21 July 2012 #

congrats Richard and Julie – we are soooooo fortunate to get you both – fab news!

Kelvin Hartnall
21 July 2012 #

Is this acquisition limited to Spotlight Workpapers or are you acquiring all of the Spotlight businesses? That is, does the acquisition include Spotlight Reporting?

Rod Drury
21 July 2012 #

Just workpapers

Earl Rudolfo
22 July 2012 #

Congrats! Way to go, Richard and the team.This move by Spotlight and Xero is a great value add combo and definitely a game changer. Can’t wait to try this new app. Is it available for use globally, esp in Canada and the US?

Mike Porter
22 July 2012 #

Australian customer numbers grown 55% in 16 weeks ! Single ledger strategy only just implemented. Myob culture advertising high volume of support call traffic after another dodgy release. Xero cherry picking eco system partners that pass market demand hurdles. Its not a bad driving position. Call it the hot rod.

Richard Francis
22 July 2012 #

Hi everyone, thanks for the best wishes. Looking forward to taking Workpapers to the next level with Xero.

Earl – Workpapers NZ version is on general release as an advanced beta, with users in NZ, Au, and the UK. 80% of what you need in most jurisdictions is there, plus you can customise your own workpaper for specific need. We’re looking to a staged release of the Australian version next month, but Nth America would be further down the track. I recommend you have a go now and sing out if you need help.

Cheers – Richard

Excellent, congratulations!

Angela knight
22 July 2012 #

This is great news. More great resources

Earl Rudolfo
23 July 2012 #

Thanks Richard, will check out Workpapers to see how it fits into Cdn.accounting standards and also IFRS further down the track. Also very interested in the entire Spotlight Family of apps. Definitely looking forward to the franchise version of Spotlight Reporting

Steph Hinds
23 July 2012 #

So excited for Richard & Julie. We have been using Workpapers at Growthwise for a couple of months now and absolutely love them. Makes year end process so easy and streamlined. Another awesome acquisition by Xero.

Mark Sinclair
23 July 2012 #

Well done Spotlight & Xero – great combination. Looking forward to further development and seamless workpapers.

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