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Solving the payroll dilemma for Australian businesses

If you’ve been hesitant to give staff access to your Xero organisation to handle the payroll, your problems are now solved. As I announced at Xerocon, today we’re releasing payroll-only user privileges for Australian subscribers.

User privileges let you give people access to payroll in Xero without giving them access to the general ledger accounts.

This is perfect for situations where you want a staff member to process pay runs, but you don’t want him or her reconciling bank transactions or running P&L reports.

To set a user as a payroll-only user, just click General Settings, change his or her permission levels to “none,” then tick “payroll admin.” Or when you invite a new user, leave the “none” permission and tick “payroll admin.”

You can get more detail in the Help Centre. And if you haven’t started using Xero yet, just signup for a trial.


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Gayle Buchanan
26 July 2012 #

yay …. that’ll save a heap of time and explaining – thanks

Glenys Proud
26 July 2012 #

Will it be possible at any stage for employees to enter hours on timesheets via an app.?

Stuart McLeod
26 July 2012 #

Hi Glenys,

Yes. It’s very high on the list.

Mike Keane
26 July 2012 #

The option “none” is not appearing on my Xero?

Stuart McLeod
26 July 2012 #

Hi @mike,

Can you log an email with support please? Do you have the old Pay Run option enabled still? We might have to turn it off for you.

Mike Keane
26 July 2012 #

It probably still is as I used it up until end of June. I have just emailed them now.
Thanks Stuart.
ticket number is 407897

Gillian Rossouw
26 July 2012 #

Thanks @Stuart awesome news, and thanks for fast tracking this so promptly
Am liking what you have coming “entering time by employees”

26 July 2012 #

Great, but I’m looking forward to more enhancements to the user roles. For example, somebody with the invoice-only role can create new inventory items, but can’t edit them.

3 August 2012 #

I’ve signed up for a free trial of Xero, but would like to trial the Payroll module first [since its a new fin year] Is this possible ?

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