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Movemybooks converts Sage to Xero

Movemybooks - Sage to Xero conversions

So what is Movemybooks?

Movemybooks is a new service from the Ledgerscope team that lets accountants convert their clients Sage 50 and Sage Instant data to Xero in just a few easy steps.

Who is it for?

The Movemybooks service is designed for accountants – some of the steps require accounting knowledge so are best handled by an expert. If your accountant is not a Xero partner and you want to move from Sage to Xero, check out our advisors directory for other accountants that can help.

How Movemybooks works with Xero

Movemybooks extracts conversion data from a client’s Sage file and then in a few steps, creates a new Xero organisation with the conversion data. Customer and supplier contact information, the chart of accounts, trial balance to date and all unpaid sales and purchase invoices are brought into Xero.

Where you can use Movemybooks

Movemybooks can currently convert UK versions of Sage 50 and Sage Instant (versions 14+). A QuickBooks conversion tool is in the works.

Check it out

Get converting today for just £90 with a standard conversion. You can also register to be notified when QuickBooks conversions are available.


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Ben Kepes
30 July 2012 #

And for those wishing to migrate from either MYOB or QuickBooks – give a look!

Gayle Buchanan
31 July 2012 #

Anything that helps us move data to Xero is a blessing – thank you thank you from the xero bookies!

Charlie Carne
1 August 2012 #

I have just used the Move My Books managed service to migrate a new client from Sage to Xero. Their service was superb and extremely fast. I would strongly recommend them.

3 August 2012 #

Does anyone know of a service to help me move my spreadsheet data for:
1. Payroll into a Xero partenering payroll package
2. Cash flow history transactions into Xero


Ben Kepes
3 August 2012 #

Mark – we can help you – flick us an email to discuss!

3 August 2012 #

Welcome to the Xero Add on family Movemybooks. Conversion services form a valuable part of the Xero ecosystem.

If we can help in any way feel free to hit us up.

Cheers, The Click2convert Team

Adrian Pearson
11 August 2012 #

Thanks for all of the kind comments here folks. We want to help Xero free business owners from the old, clunky desktop software.

Automatic conversion of QuickBooks data coming next. Watch this space!

Matthew Steeples
9 October 2012 #

Just to update this to let everyone know, our service now supports migrating Quickbooks files from the UK over to Xero

Ryan Scaife
20 June 2013 #

Hello, is it possible to export Xero into Sage Line 50? an Ausralian subsidiary of ours has started using Xero but at group level we use Sage. it mentions its possible to do it the other way round but just wondering whether the opposite is possible,


Adrian Pearson
21 June 2013 #

Hi Ryan,

We (Movemybooks) are unable to convert from Xero to Sage 50 – why would people want to do that? :)

I understand your need here though and suggest that your only way forward is to use the export facilities in Xero to get the data out into CSV format, then manipulate for import into Sage. The exports you might need are listed here:$BK_Export

The contacts, chart of accounts and general ledger transactions are going to be the ones you need to play with.

Of course the better solution is to move to Xero at the group level too.

Hope this helps.


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